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On this page can you find a frequently asked questions about salary.

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When do I get paid overtime? #

  • Full-time and administrative employees should register overtime in Min Tid. If overtime hours are approved (“godkjent”) by employee before of every month, then they will get overtime pay at every month. Read more about it at Record hours in Min Tid.
  • Overtime pay for those employees who register overtime in the HR Portal (mostly scientific employees), can be paid either at or at every month. 

When do I receive travel reimbursement? #

  • Travel expenses are paid on both the and of every month. It depend on when reimbursement form was sent and approved by your manager (leader) in HR-Portalen.

Questions about travel claim: tel. 73 41 31 40 (mon-fri) 10:00 – 14:00 

What should I do if I recieve an incorrect salary? #

Contact the local HR employee at your department. They can help you to find out what is wrong. 

How can I change my personal information in the HR Portal? E.g. bank account and address.  #

You can change your personal information by yourself in the HR Portal under the section “Min Mappe”. Find the  menu section “oppgaver” (in the upper left corner), choose “nytt skjema” – “Person og familieinformasjon”. Write new information at the «ny verdi» section and save (“lagre”). 

Where do I find forms like e.g. reimbursement of personal expenses, vacation, absence etc.? #

You find these forms in the HR Portal under the “registrering” section.

What does the different status messages in the HR Portal mean? #

  • “Registreringskontroll” – the form is sent from employee to authorizer (attestant) for salary.
  • “Til kontroll leder” – the form is sent from authorizer (attestant) for salary to the manager/leader at your department for approval.
  • “Overført” – the form is approved by your leader and waiting to be paid at the next payment date ( or 25th of every month). 
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