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As a safety representative at NTNU, your job is to look after employee interests related to working environment issues.

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The safety representative's tasks #

As a safety representative (SR), you should ensure that:

  • Machines, technical appliances, chemical substances and work processes do not subject employees to dangerous situations or work conditions.
  • Safety devices and personal protective equipment are available and at sufficient numbers, and that the equipment is easily accessible and in accordance with regulations.
  • Employees are given the necessary instruction, practice and training in the use of the equipment.
  • Work is properly organized with a view to health and safety, allowing employees to perform their work safely.
  • Workplace accidents are reported as nonconformities (in Norwegian).

As a safety representative you should actively take part in the HSE work in your area. You should be consulted in situations that relate to the planning and implementation of measures for the work environment. You should listen to your colleagues and consult them before proposing solutions to the management. You can also cooperate with and seek advice from Occupational Health Services.

According to the Working Environment Act, the safety representative should take action if there is suspicion of conditions that might affect life and health. This also applies to psychosocial conditions such as conflicts, harassment and violence. Read more about the safety representative's tasks in case of unacceptable conduct (in Norwegian).

Local senior safety representatives #

Local senior safety representatives (LSSR) are elected among the safety deputies in the area.

The LSSR's tasks are:

  • To coordinate the activity of the safety representatives in their area. To support and instruct the safety representatives in their work.
  • To represent the employees in the process of establishing and maintaining the area's systematic/routine HSE work.
  • To participate in the local works council (LWC). As an LSSR you have the right to attend negotiations of the Basic Agreement as an observer with the right to speak.
  • To cooperate with and report to the LSSR area manager, meaning the Dean, the Director or the administrative leader (the Science Museum).

The senior safety representative #

Senior safety representatives (SSR) are appointed jointly by the employees' associations or elected by and among the LSSR. At NTNU the SSR is considered a full-time position.

The SSR's tasks are:

  • To coordinate LSSR activities. To support and instruct LSSR in their work.
  • To promote HSE work.
  • To represent employees and safety representatives in central forums and in central processes of establishing and maintaining systematic/habitual HSE work.
  • To be a permanent member and representative of the safety representative in the Working Environment Committee (WEC). To be the employees' representative in the WEC's "byggearm".
  • To participate in the central works council (CWC). The senior safety representative has the right to attend negotiations of the Basic Agreement as an observer with the right to speak.
  • To cooperate with and report to the Rector.

Stopping hazardous or dangerous work #

The safety representative has the right to stop hazardous or dangerous work if there is an immediate danger to life and health. If possible, you should contact the local senior safety representative before stopping work. The safety representative must alert the unit manager. The safety representative is not liable for financial loss as a result of work stoppage.

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority is the only authority that can terminate a work stoppage.

The senior safety representative cannot override a work stoppage ordered by the safety representative, but he or she can initiate stoppage itself.

Requirement to have a safety representative #

All areas are obliged to have a safety representative. If nobody volunteers to be a candidate to be elected safety representative, the management may appoint an employee from the unit to fill the position. Read more about electing a safety representative (in Norwegian).

Training #

Safety representatives at NTNU are given two days of basic HSE training (HMS-plattformen). You can register for the course on the website for competence development at NTNU (in Norwegian, login required).

The safety representative has no duties and does not have any HSE responsibility. Human resources issues are not the safety representative's responsibility either, but the safety representative can be included in the process if the case is related to the work environment. Read more about Safety representative (in Norwegian).

Help and guidelines #

Legislation #

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