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Returned travel claims

Bot-Anna controls all travel claims sent trough HR-portalen at NTNU. If the robot finds errors, the form will be returned to the employee who sent it in. 

Norwegian: Reiseregning i retur

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The robot will send the travel claim back to you, and you will find a comment about what is wrong and what you should do to fix it, in the travel claim. When you have done so, you must remember to send the form back to registration control.

Make sure that the correct K-sted (the division you work for), project number or analyse number is registered.

Returned travel claims in HR-portalen #

You receive en e-mail with the notification that you have got a travel claim in return.You can find it (and all the other claims you have sent), in the HR-portalen under the section Waiting for you, marked with the yellow colour.

Hr portalen forsiden

Reasons why your travel claim is returned to you #

  1. Register each cost with an individual line in the form and add the receipt to the corresponding expense line. Normal rounding of the sum applies. If different sums are added together, the algorithm will not get a match. 
  2. Currency: you should always enter the same currency in the form as a receipt. Robot doesn`t convert from e.g. EUR to NOK.
  3. Quality of receipt or handwritten receipt: handwritten receipt is difficult to read for robot. Try to download a receipt in good quality/easy to read. The best format is pdf and jpg.
  4. Date on the receipt have to be within the start and end of your travel.
  5. Old travels: travel claim that is older than 1 year, will be retuned to you.
  6. Future travels: travels you are planning to take in future can`t be processed. Read more at Credit card - book now pay later.
  7. Name of the passengers: the name of passenger is missing og spelled wrong in the flight receipt.
  8. Correct type of expenses: choose correct type from the list. E.g. expenses “book now-pay later” kr 70 is “Gebyr”.

These "rules" is also applies in other forms in HR-portalen that Bot-Anna controlls.

Contact: #

For additional questions regarding travel expenses, see NTNU Hjelp or contact the Finance Department:

  • Email: | A support-case at NTNU Hjelp will be processed.
  • Service telephone for salary and travel expenses: +47 73 41 31 40 | Monday-Friday: 10 AM to 2 PM (GMT+1).
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