Retaking a passed exam

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You can retake an exam that you have already passed once in order to improve you grade.

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På norsk: Gjentak av bestått eksamen

How do I improve my grade? You can improve your grade for signing up for the ordinary exam in the course again. The deadlines for signing up for exams are

  • September 15 for the autumn semester.
  • February 15 for the spring semester.

If the final grade was made up of several contributions, all of the parts must be reevaluated.

Når eksamen består av flere deleksamener må alle vurderes på nytt.

How do I sign up to retake an exam I already passed?

You sign up for the exam in the same way as your other exams on Student web.

How many chances to I have to improve my grade in a course?

You only have one chance to improve your grades in each course. The best grade will count.

In how many courses can I improve my grade?

There is no limit to how many courses you can improve.

Retaking exams from the 9th semester of an engineering programme

If you have passed the exam in the course in the 9th semester of an engineering programme, but wish to improve your grade, you can do this by deferring the exam. This is only possible if there is going to be an exam in that particular course no matter what.

  • The deadline for signing up is July 1.
  • The withdrawal deadline is July 20

You will not be able to sign up yourself via Student Web, but contact the Examination Office.

Remember the withdrawal deadline! #

If you have signed up to retake an exam and have not withdrawn, this counts as an attempt at retaking the exam. If you withdraw during the exam, this also counts as an attempt at retaking the exam.

The withdrawal deadlines are:

  • November 15 for the autumn semester
  • April 30 for the spring semester

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