Researchers Grand Prix

The Researchers' Grand Prix is Norway's «national championship» for PhD candidates to present their research.

Norwegian version: Forsker Grand Prix

Researchers' Grand Prix at NTNU #

Are you a PhD student? Would you like to learn and develop your skills in presenting your research together with other PhD candidates in a friendly, sociable and fun setting? Would you enjoy the challenge of competing for the votes of the judges and the audience? Would you like to win the title of Norway's best research communicator?

Follow NTNU's website on the Researcher's Grand Prix.

Information and registration will start at the beginning of next year. NTNU will choose 10 PhD candidates, who will take part in the regional finals at Byscenen in Trondheim.

About the Researchers' Grand Prix #

The Researchers' Grand Prix is a fun and exciting opportunity for doctoral candidates to learn valuabe skills in communicating their research. Several Norwegian universities hold regional finals in the Researchers' Grand Prix in their cities.

The two winners from each regional final meet in the national finals. The winner will be awarded the title of Norway's best research communicatior.

The Researchers' Grand Prix takes place in September every year in a collaboration between Forskningsdagene (National Science week) and the universities.

Contact #

Gunnar Kåre Hansen, The Communication Division

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