Reporting non-conformances - for students

A non-conformance could be anything from unsafe handling of chemicals to inadequate follow-up of course evaluations. It is important for NTNU that you report all non-conformances that you notice. On the page for reporting non-conformances, you can choose from several different places to report the non-conformance. If you choose the right place, the process of dealing with the report will be faster. The login is the same as for Innsida.

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What to report where? #

Minor repairs and indoor air quality #

Replacing light bulbs, cleaning, ventilation, temperature and conditions in reading rooms: notify the e-custodian (e-vaktmester).

Education quality, teaching and learning environment #

  • Dissatisfaction related to student life, respect, equal treatment, the climate for freedom of expression, meeting places and student welfare
  • Dissatisfaction with the quality of teaching or the way that a course/teaching is organized

Use the normal channels for reporting this:

If this does not help, or if the kind of issue involved makes this difficult, you can report it as a non-conformance. Here, you can also submit suggestions for improvement of your learning environment at NTNU.

If you are not sure whether you can report something, or where you should report it, you can contact the central unit for the non-conformance system (see the bottom of the page).

How to participate in quality assurance of NTNU’s education

Health, safety and environment (HSE) #

An HSE non-conformance is a defect that could cause/has caused harm to people, the environment, property or equipment. HSE non-conformances must always be reported using the non-conformance system. You can also suggest improvements related to health, safety and the environment at NTNU in the non-conformance system. Report non-conformances related to HSE.

Whistleblowing #

It is important to alert NTNU about violations of laws, regulations or ethical standards, and other serious matters that could harm the university or the community. The same applies to bullying, discrimination and harassment

NOTE: The electronic non-conformance system must NOT be used for whistleblowing. This is to protect personal privacy.

You can discuss the issue with

If you are not sure whether you want to report the matter formally, or if you need someone to talk to, you are welcome to contact the central unit.

Who can report non-conformances? #

All NTNU students can report matters or incidents in the non-conformance system. You cannot submit an anonymous report, but your report will be treated in confidence.

If you do not want to submit a report yourself, you can contact a representative in your student council (in Norwegian) who can report the issue on your behalf. The person who enters the report in the non-conformance system will receive an email with a link to the case.

General principles #

Personal data #

Sensitive personal data must not be recorded in the system for handling non-conformances and incidents. The system must only be used for processing the incident itself. The person responsible for dealing with the issue will contact you if additional information is needed.

Processing time #

For non-conformance reports related to the learning environment and education quality, 4 weeks is the maximum time from receipt of the report until the response or provisional response is given.

Track the case #

The notifier receives an email with a link to the case when processing starts, and an email when the case is closed. You can follow the workflow through the system for non-conformances.

Rejection of reported case #

If the case that has been reported is not a non-conformance related to education quality, learning environment or HSE, the notification will be rejected. Reasons for the rejection will be provided, and you can find the explanation under “log” in your case in the non-conformance system.

Workflow #

The central unit for receiving reports and allocating cases on education quality and the learning environment is the Student Services. The case is sent to a contact responsible for the quality of studies at the notifier’s faculty; the faculty is responsible for dealing with the issue. The contact responsible for the quality of study programmes may forward the case for further consideration. The person the case is forwarded to must act on the issue and initiate changes to improve the situation around the discrepancy. This may be the Head of Department, the Dean or a contact at a unit involved in the issue. When the person(s) responsible for taking action has marked the case as completed, the contact responsible for the quality of study programmes can close the case. As the notifier, you are not anonymous, but your report will be treated in confidence. You will always get a reply telling you what NTNU is doing about your case.

Matters related to HSE and the physical learning environment will be transferred to the HSE coordinator at the notifier’s faculty. Matters reported to the e-custodian are handled in a separate electronic system.

Contact #

If you are unsure about how to report non-conformances or incidents, if you have any questions or need someone to talk to, you are welcome to contact the central unit through Cecilie Baar.

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