Rent out your bed-sit or apartment

If you have housing that NTNU employees or students can rent, the University would like to hear from you. NTNU's housing office provides assistance to employees and students alike to find housing solutions that fit their needs.

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Help with advertising and leasing housing #

Due to the inadequate supply of rental housing options in Trondheim, the University is always in search of new housing options for its employees and students. We encourage all options that can provide the NTNU community with opportunities for safe and affordable housing.

Rental housing owners, as well as employees and students, can receive assistance from the University's housing office. The housing office can help residential property owners advertise available rentals on NTNU's internal website and can identify and connect renters with suitable NTNU tenants.

For more information, we encourage you to contact the University's housing office at

The housing office recommends that all renters of private residential properties ensure their rental locations abide by all applicable laws for rental properties. Important information about rental laws and standard rental contracts can be found here.

Help with the rental process #

Property owners with locations available for rent can obtain further assistance with the rental process under the University's agreement with residential property leasing agency, Utleiemegleren. You can get help to:

  • find renters
  • create rental contracts
  • determine rental and deposit rates and create necessary accounts
  • manage monthly rent payments
  • collect overdue rent
  • coordinate maintenance and repairs with tenant

Utleiemegleren charges a fee of 35% (excluding mva) of each month's rent for the services outlined above. Alternatively, in instances where you find the tenant and establish the rental contract, but use Utleiemegleren for the last three services outlined above, there is a set up fee of kr 2.500 (excluding mva) and an ongoing monthly fee of 8% of monthly rental (excluding mva).

For more information, contact Utleiemegleren via email at

About NTNU's Housing Office #

The housing office is a unit of NTNU's International Researcher Support office.

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