Register your credit card in HR-portalen

(Videresendt fra Register your credit card in Paga)

If you have a credit card with a company agreement with NTNU, registering your credit card in Paga will make it easier to fill out your travel expense account.In Norwegian: Registrer kredittkort i HR-portalen.

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Registering your credit card #

Finding credit card registration in Paga

If you have a Eurocard credit card with an NTNU company agreement, you can register your credit card in Paga, in the

  1. Go to the Personal and family information form.
  2. Select "Add – Credit card (issued by employer)" – see image above.
  3. Enter your credit card number, 11 digits.
  4. If you have more than one NTNU credit card, select "Register several" before saving or repeat the registration process after saving the first card.
  5. Click "Send" (to transfer) on the last page to save the information in Paga.

If an incorrect card number is saved, you have to delete the card in Paga and register it again. It is not possible to edit the card number after saving it.

Credit card transactions in the travel expense account #

Direct registration of credit card transactions in the travel expense account is only possible if the employee submits the form personally. If the form is submitted on someone else's behalf, or at a later stage of the case process, new credit card transactions cannot be retrieved.

Based on the registered travel period on the first page of the form, a popup window with "Credit card transactions" will automatically appear if there are any transactions with the status "New" for the specified dates.

How to choose transactions

  • Select the transactions you want refunded, will be listed in the field marked with yellow arrow.

You can delete transactions by selecting the desired transaction and clicking "Delete".

All registered transactions #

You can retrieve the complete list of all transactions (status: new, used, deleted) for a specific period by unchecking the "Show only new" option ("Vis kun nye" in the picture.)
Hvordan se oversikt over transaksjoner

The credit card transactions can also be manually retrieved by clicking on "Retrieve from credit card" under "Expenses".

How to manually retreave credit cards transactions

Some transactions might not be associated with a voucher type. In this case, a message will appear. The applicable lines are corrected by clicking on the line and adding a voucher type, e.g. a taxi or airfare.

How to add voucher type

Original vouchers #

You still need to enclose vouchers with your travel expense account like before, but original vouchers are no longer required. Copied vouchers are accepted.

Contact #

If you have a question related to the travel expense account, please contact the person responsible for salary payment for variable salaries and travel expense accounts

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