Recording hours in Min Tid on your mobile

For both hourly paid emploees and full time emploees.

Norsk versjon: Registrere arbeidstid i Min Tid på mobil

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Register #

Once registered, open the browser on yout mobile phone and enter this address:

Log in for the first time #

  • When you log in for the first time, choose "Endre passord" (Change password).
  • After that, you log in with the username and password you were given the first time you logged in.
  • Type your NTNU username in the field for the username and type in the numeric code displayed in the grey field below
  • Click "SEND".

Screenshot - Log in for the first time

One-time passwords #

  • A one-time password (OTP) is sent to your registered email address or phone number.
  • Enter the one-time password and click "SEND".
  • Enter the password you have chosen (at least 7 characters including at least 2 numbers and 2 letters).
  • Repeat the password and click "SEND".

Screenshot - One-time passwords

Log in #

  • You will receive confirmation that the password has been reset.
  • Your username is shown with the prefix "UNI-".
  • Click "FORTSETT" (CONTINUE) to log in with your new password.
  • Enter your username and the password you have just chosen and click "LOGG INN" (LOG IN).
  • You have now been registered in the mobile service for Min Tid.

Screenshot - Log in

Record hours worked #

To record work time, click "Registrere INN" (Record IN)

Screenshot - Record hours worked

Create a shortcut on the mobile phone #

To find the website easily, link to it from an icon on your mobile screen (for example, see below for how to do this in IOS):

With the website displayed, click the icon for sharing and then choose "Add to Home screen".

Screenshot - Create a shortcut on the mobile phone

Contact #

If you have any questions, contact

See also #

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