Recording hours in Min Tid for hourly paid employees

This page is for employees who receive a salary from NTNU based on hourly work. Information on the page shows how to register working hours under Min Tid section in the HR-portal.

Norsk versjon: Registrere arbeidstid i Min Tid for timelønte

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Access to HR-portalen and Min Tid (My Time) #

NB! To access HR-portalen and My Time outside the NTNU network (outside campus), you have to install VPN.

Recording working hours in Min Tid #

To enter Min Tid, you can go to the drop-down menu in the HR-portal or by selecting Min Tid in the quick menu.

If you want to change the dates, fill in new dates in From and To, and then click timesheet to update the period.

Two ways to registrate working hours  #

1. First method to recording hours can be done by clicking on the arrow Register in when you log on at the start of the day, and Register out when you log out. You will find the arrow in the upper left corner. 

2. Or you can press the green plus sign at the current date. A line of boxes will open on this date. Register your hours without column":". Column will apare atomatically (example: 0800). Then press Save.

Select the right employment contract #

After registration of working hours, see section above, you must select the correct "employment contract". If you have several choices, select the working contract for which the hours are to be withdrawn from. This applies to all hourly paid with an employment agreement where the number of working hours is defined. 

Click the arrow next to "Work agreement", select the correct employment contract and press save

Select the right working position #

If you have several employment contracts at different units/departments, you must remember to choose the correct position. This can be done by clicking the arrow next to "Position". Select the correct position and press save.

If you already have chosen an employment contract, this will be filled in automatically. You can find information about your position under My folder in the HR-portal. 

Completing the registration of working hours #

When you are finished registering your working hours for the selected timeframe and saved them, click Approve data (up in the top right corner). The hours is now approved for the selected period. You can also Undo Approve for a selected period if you need to make changes or have forgotten to register some hours, however, this only applies if the hours are on sign level 1 or 2. 


The next step is for the Head of Office/Department/Section to approve your hours in the system. When the hours has been approved, they will be be paid out on the next possible pay date.

The sign level #

You can see the sign level under Sign. Grey padlock indicates that you have not approved data, while yellow padlock indicates that you have approved your hours. 

  • The number 1 shows that you have approved your hours
  • The number 2 shows that the hours has been checked 
  • The number 3 shows that the Head of Office/Department/Section has appored your hours
  • The number 4 shows that the hours has been sendt for payment on the next possible pay date

If the department/institute you are employed at does not have a check approval, the number 2 will appare behind the padlock when you have approved your hours. 

Number 4 will be shown the day before the approval deadline for the Head of Office/Department/Section. Contact the Head of Office/Department/Section if this is not the case. See the deadline section below. 

Absence due to illness #

See information on what to do if you are absent from work due to illness. In the event of sick note, the sick note is sent electronically to NTNU. You still need to register the hours you were supposed to have worked in Min Tid.

After you have registered your working hours and saved, select 17 under Rule by opening the drop-down menu.

Press save again and then Approve data.

Deadlines for recording hours in Min Tid #

We recommend that you register your hours on a continuous basis, every time you have worked. This secures your rights if you get sick. Keep in mind that you need to Approve data for your registered hours to proceed to approval and payment. Salary will always be paid the 12th of every month. 

You have the opportunity to register your hours, or correct already registered hours, for 30 days back in time.

If you did not register and approved your working hours before the deadline you will not get paid before the next month salary. The head of office/department/section must also approve your hours by their deadline. An overview of deadlines can be found under Deadlines in the HR-portal:

The rubric "hovedlønn" and "frist ansatt" is the deadline that applies to you. 

Related information #

Contact  #

For additional questions, contact the Finance Department:

  • Email: A support-case at NTNU Hjelp will be processed.
  • Service telephone for salary and travel expenses: +47 73 41 31 40 | Monday-Friday: 10 AM to 2 PM (GMT+1). 
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