Recording hours in Min Tid for hourly paid employees

This page is for employees who are get a salary from NTNU for every working hour. Information on the page shows how to register working hours in HR-portal under Min Tid section. 

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Access to HR-portalen and Min Tid for hourly paid #

If you are not a full time employee and receive salary from NTNU hourly, you should register your working hours in NTNU`s payroll system HR-portalen under the Min Tid section.

 NB! To get access to HR-portalen and Min Tid outside the NTNU network (outside campus), you should install VPN

You can also register your working hours in HR-portalen on your mobile.

Recording working hours in Min Tid #

  • Salary is always be paid the 12th of every month. 
  • Register your hours on a continuous basis, every time you have done the work. It will help you to get salary in time every month.
  • Keep in mind that you need to Approve data (Godkjenne data) for registered hours to proceed to approval and payment.
  • You can follow up your hours 30 days back in time as long as registered hours has not passed to further approval of your leader.

If you didn`t registeret all your working hours before the dedline, you will get payd that missing hours on the next month salary payment the 12th. of every month.

Min Tid in HR-portalen guidance #

Find Min Tid in the upper left corner (HR-Portalen). Min Tid is avaliable only in Norwegian.


Record work hours in Min Tid #

  • You register working hours by clicking Registrere inn (Register in) and Registrere ut (Register out) in the right upper corner.
  • To correct or record your hours back in time or choose the day or period of time you need, choose Fra/Til (From/To) fields.

Choose correct work place #

  • You can also record your hours by writing hours in the fields Start/Stopp (instead of Registrere in/Registrere ut). Add ekstra hours for the same day by clikking on the green plus.

NB!Choose the correct Stl (Department or faculty)and Arb.avtale (employment contract) for registered hours, if you work at 2 or more different departments!

Yellow lock shows that you have approved your working hours. Number 1 at the lock means that you controlled hours by yourself, nr. 2 means that your hours have been approved by others, nr. 3 means that your leader approved them, and nr. 4 means that hours is sent to be paid as salary.

Remember to save (lagre) hours every time you register new work time.

When you registered your hours and saved them, click Godkjenne data (Approve hours) for choosen hours, so they will be send to approving and you can get your salary. You can also Angre godkjenning (Regret approval) for chosen hours.

Contact #

Questions about Min Tid:

  • Email to
  • or call a service tlf. 73 41 31 40, monday - friday between 10.00-14.00
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