Ready-made presentations about NTNU

An overview of ready-made presentations in English about NTNU. Updated December 2015.

Norsk versjon: Ferdige presentasjoner om NTNU

Instructions and empty templates: Create NTNU presentations

Slides (Power Point)  #

 Short introduction to NTNU (pptx pr. 3 November 2017)

Presentation of NTNU's organization (pptx)

Promotional film about NTNU #

Promoteringsfilm NTNU

The film in a powerpoint file

The film as Mp4 file

The film at YouTube

New pdf brochure #

Link the brochure on a website? Use this link instead of saving and make a new attachment: 

Place the link in relevant words, for example: NTNU-brochure 

Faculty presentations #

Display notes in PowerPoint #

Each image has affiliated text elements that provide background information (i.e, where a photograph was taken, what it depicts etc). Use the default mode in Powerpoint to see these text elements.

Printing out presentations as note pages will include the affilliated text elements.

See also #

Contact #

Got questions about the templates or the content? Please direct your questions to:

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