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Department of Biotechnology and Food Science assigns individual work spaces in reading rooms for master's degree students at the department’s study programmes. You may apply by the following guidelines:

Institutt for bioteknologi og matvitenskap tildeler individuelle lesesalsplasser for mastergradsstudenter ved instituttets studieprogram. Se norske sider

Guidelines #

Who can apply? #

In order to apply for an individual work space in a reading room you must have a study right at (a) one of the department’s 2-year master's programmes or (b) the last two years of the one of the Department’s five-year integrated master’s programmes. Normally, work spaces in reading rooms are not assigned to students in the first three years of a five-year integrated study programme.

Assignment of work space #

It is the department that assigns work spaces. Application can be submitted in the beginning of each academic year (fall semester). Eligible students arriving later in the year may contact the study adviser regarding application for an individual work space.

A work space in a reading room is awarded for one academic year at a time; access to the reading rooms is automatically terminated on July 31 each year. Students continuing studying the coming academic year must re-apply.

It is not possible to wish for specific reading rooms or work spaces; the department will assign places by availability.

Use of assigned work place / reading room #

Work places and reading rooms are intended for study activities. Users of the reading rooms must show consideration for fellow students, and reading rooms must be kept quiet and orderly.

The individual work space must be cleared at the end of each semester, i.e. within December 22 in the fall semester and June 30 in the spring semester – this is necessary for cleaning of the reading rooms.

Absence #

In case of absence, other student may use the work space, provided they leave the place in the same condition as the holder left it in. Should you be away from the reading room for more than four weeks, you must notify the student adviser at the department. In case of absence for more than six weeks, the department may revoke the assigned work place and assign it to another student.

Responsibility, complaints and sanctions #

NTNU assumes no responsibility for any items left in the reading rooms. We advise all students to bring valuables when you leave your assigned work place.

Students who wish to complain about conditions at the reading rooms are requested to contact the student adviser at the department.

Users of the reading rooms who violate these rules may be issued one warning by the department. In case of new violations of rules, the department may withdraw the right to use the reading room and individual work space, and assign it to another student.

Students with disabilities #

These regulations apply in principle for everyone, but in consultation with the counselling service for students with disabilities, we can grant exemptions from certain provisions when needed.

Fire instructions #

All users of NTNU reading rooms are obliged to familiarize themselves with NTNU's fire instructions.

Submit application for individual work space 2018/2019 #

Application for individual work space in IBT’s reading rooms is submitted electronically using this link. Application deadline: August 22 2018.

For questions, please contact the department’s study adviser

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