Publishing and delayed publication of theses

Information intended for students and employees, concerning archiving, publishing, delayed publishing and related activities for bachelor and master theses at NTNU.

Norsk versjon - Publisering og båndlegging av oppgaver

Archiving #

All bachelor and master theses delivered through Inspera Assessment from Autumn 2018 will be automatically archived in NTNU Open; the University's institutional archive. The archiving process will follow as soon as the grading of your thesis is finalized. Please notice that theses which are graded "not passed / F" will not be archived, as they are not considered to be a final thesis.

Publication #

To publish a thesis is to make the thesis (including any attachments) openly available in NTNU Open. The thesis is then openly searchable and downloadable for anyone.

NTNU strongly encourages publication of all bachelor and master theses. This is the visualization of the production of the University. The three requirements for being able to publish your thesis are:

  • You need to pass (E and above)
  • The thesis cannot contain confidential information
  • You have to accept the publication of your thesis

Notice that metadata such as title, author, advisor and abstract will be available through NTNU Open, even if you choose not to publish the actual thesis. 

Also notice that if you do not want attachments to be published together with the thesis, then the publishing group at the University Library can be contacted when the thesis is published in NTNU open; access to the attachment can the be closed.

Publication agreement #

If you agree to publish your bachelor's/master's thesis upon submission to Inspera Assessment, you agree to the current publishing agreement. The current publishing agreement is version 1.0 and it is available as an attachment at the bottom of this page, or you can download the publishing agreement here.

Delayed publication #

Delayed publication of a thesis involves postponed publishing; the thesis will then be published when the agreed upon date of delay has passed.

In accordance with the standard agreement concerning work on a master thesis done in cooperation with an organization, it is possible to have full or partial postponement, with a maximum duration of three years. The need for postponed disclosure must be justified. Common reasons for delayed publication are if the thesis is intended for later work on publication or higher degree, or in order to collaborate with a company working in this area in a competitive market.

Confidential information / graded material #

Theses containing information subject to confidentiality (see § 13 of the Public Administration Act) shall be exempted. Such theses should not be delivered using Inspera Assessment, in the same way as they are not to be sent using email. They can also not be archived in NTNU Open, or not be published.

Theses including confidential information should only be processed digitally using Ephorte, the archival system at NTNU, reviewed and approved for this category of information. All other processing and distribution must be performed manually.

Yes or No to publication #

The student owns his or her own intellectual property, and therefore gets to choose if the thesis is published or not. This is a choice which applies for an unlimited period of time, eventually until a possible new desision done by the author. NTNU strongly encourages publication of all bachelor and master theses. The Public Archive is the visualization of NTNU's production. This is also the possibility to later download and view - or share - your thesis with your family, friends or other interested parties.

Standard agreement concerning work on a master's thesis/project assignment done in cooperation with an organization

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