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When you submit your master thesis using NTNU's exam system (Inspera Assessment), your Master's Thesis will be automatically archived and published. If not, you should submit an electronic copy for this purpose. This page provides you with information on how to publish your master thesis electronically.

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 The digital copy is published in NTNU Open by the NTNU University Library.

What does ‘publish electronically’ mean? #

When you submit the digital copy of your master thesis you need to confirm that you accept that the thesis will be available online in NTNU Open. NTNU Open is NTNU’s archive for academic publications.

By signing the contract, you confirm that you give NTNU permission to:

  • Publish a full-text copy of your master thesis (as Open Access) in NTNU Open. You can also choose to not make a full-text copy available in NTNU Open. Your thesis is always archived in NTNU Open, but if you choose not to make the full-text copy available, only author, title, faculty, institute and abstract will be visible in the database.
  • Use and give access to your thesis, either for an unlimited amount of time, only for a limited amount of time or never.

Once your thesis has been graded and approved, it will be archived and published in NTNU Open by the University Library. Closed master thesis can be made availably after the specified period.

Why publish with Open Access? #

  • Your thesis is stored in NTNU Open and will always be available to you and others via a permanent internet address.
  • Online publishing can increase the number of potential readers, maybe your next employer is one of them?
  • Do you read other people’s theses for inspiration while you write? Other people want to read yours!
  • NTNU Open is indexed by Google and Google Scholar, Google’s academic search engine.
  • Your master thesis may be possible to find through other national and international information services because NTNU Open uses the international OAI standard (Open Archives Initiative) to share metadata.
  • You keep the copyright of the thesis, while NTNU can publish it in NTNU Open.
  • NB! If your text is already published elsewhere and you have transferred copyright to a publisher, you need permission from the publisher before your text can be published in NTNU Open.

Using sources from NTNU Open #

If you use sources from NTNU Open you need to quote and give references to the source. If you use an internet link to refer to a source in NTNU Open, the link must go to information about the master thesis you are referencing, not to the pdf file with the actual thesis.

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