Promotion to full professor

Associate professors with a 50% position or greater can apply for a promotion to a full professor position based on qualifications and expertise.

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Applicant requirements #

These requirements are regulated by Regulations concerning appointment and promotion to teaching and research posts (pdf).

  • Applicants must be appointed in, and have taken up a permanent position as Associate Professor or a fixed-term contract employment (§ 2-2 (1))
  • The applicant can only apply for a promotion in the discipline in which the applicant is employed (§ 2-2 (2)).
  • Applicants who have not been evaluated for a professorship or promotion to professorship within the last two years are entitled to such evaluation (§ 2-2 (6). The two-year rule applies from the application closing date for professor promotion date or the advertised professor position. If the institution has not set a closing date, the two-year rule applies from the application date (§2-2(6)).
  • If a professorship has been announced within his/her speciality at his/her own institution during the past two years, the two-year application deadline applies from the application deadline for this position (§2-2(6)).

Regulations #

Deadlines #

The deadline for applying is set by each faculty, possibly in collaboration with the sister faculty.

Forms #

Faculty of Architecture and Design  #

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences #

Faculty of Humanities #

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering #

Faculty of Engineering #

Faculty of Natural Sciences #

Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences #

Faculty of Economics and Management #

Eligibility grants for women #

All women in permanent positions as an associate professor can apply for an eligibility grant. Read more at Skill development stipend for female associate professors.

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