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In the 4th year you choose a specialization as a major. The specialization continues in the 5th year. The fall semester of the 5th year is dedicated to a project, a specialization course related to your main profile, and a complementary subject. The entire spring semester is devoted to a master's thesis.

Information meeting

The department organizes an information meeting at the end of the 4th year, where the details of the 5th year specialization are reviewed. The meeting is announced on “Innsida”.

Choosing a project

The department collects project proposals from its faculty members as well as from industry. The proposals are posted on snipp.iet.ntnu by the end of April. Tick the "guest account" when you log in. You must be connected to the NTNU network or VPN to gain access.  

You also have the opportunity to propose a project yourself, or in cooperation with a company. It is essential that you find a supervisor at IES who approves the project and will be professionally responsible for it. You must choose a project within your main profile. Replacing the main profile is permitted if the requirement for compulsory courses is met.

Students take direct contact with supervisors to register their interest for the project, and determine whether they have sufficient knowledge. When a supervisor and a student agree on a project, both must sign the project contract (pdf) and e-mail/deliver it by the end of May to Kirsti Klemetsaune.

Choice of specialization topic

Students will, in consultation with their project supervisor choose two specialization topics of 3.75 credits, descriptions of all topics. Specialization topics for fall 2020 will be updated in early May. These should be listed in the project contract.

In special cases, a standard course provides more appropriate specialization in relation to the chosen project. In such a case, the student can apply to replace the specialist subject with an ordinary topic by indicating this in the project contract.

Commencement of project

A risk assessment is to be carried out before starting the project. The assessment is carried out in cooperation between the supervisor and the student. A Risk Assessment Form (xlsx) must be returned to the Department office. This also applies to theoretical tasks.

If you carry out the task for another institution or company, the name of the company/institution and supervisor of the project must be entered in the contract.

For projects carried out externally, you should also supply a cooperation agreement between the four parties: you as a candidate, your supervisor, the external party, and the department. In this way, the parties’ rights and obligations are recorded.

Print the agreement in four copies and sign by all parties. Each party receives a copy. The agreement is delivered to the Department office.

Specialization topic – exam

The final exam in the specialization topics takes place on the same day at the start of the exam period. Both topics must be passed to receive “pass” on the course. Both topics must be repeated in case of a failing result.

Report writing and presentation skills

The complementary topic SPRÅK3501 - Scientific Communication for engineers, provides knowledge and skills for the design of the project report and presentation of the project.

Useful tips on report writing are available on

Submission and presentation of the project work

The project is to be submitted in Inspera Assessment within December 19th. Project assignments will also be presented to the other students. The presentation form will be set by each field of study.

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