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Questions and answers concerning the annual progress report for PhD-candidates and supervisors at NTNU.

Norwegian version - fremdriftsrapportering - ofte stilte spørsmål

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Can I hand in my progress report after the deadline? #

Yes. After the web form has passed you can hand in a report manually. Fill in one of the forms below:

Do I have to hand in a report? #

As long as you are a PhD-candidate at NTNU, you should report on your progress annually (Section 10-1 in the PhD-regulations). If you have recently started your position (less than three months ago), you will not be asked to report until next year.

Why do I have to report on my progress? #

The progress reports are used to consider steps towards better follow-up of candidates and supervisors, as well as general improvement of the PhD-programmes. We want to ensure that candidates and supervisors have the necessary support and assistance.

How are my answers used? #

The answers are used in following up the individual candidate and supervisors. The answers may also be used as part of anonymized statistics.

I am asked to report in a system called "Nettskjema". Is this ok?   #

Yes. NTNU has entered an agreement with UiO who supports the application Nettskjema. We can use this application to receive progress reports. The system has been through a risk assessment and can be used for handling confidential information. 

I cannot access the report #

If you have never logged into Feide or Office 365 at NTNU before, you may get an error message. Once you have attempted to log in once, your attempt has been registered and will trigger an automatic access procedure. Try logging in tomorrow. If you still get an error message, please contact

I get an error message #

You may get the error message “You have already handed in your evaluation or no data is registered on you. If you believe this is incorrect, please contact the administration at your Faculty” if you have never logged into Office 365 at NTNU before. Please see “I cannot access the report” for advice on how to proceed.

I cannot access the report - wrong username #

You may get an error message if you try to log on using only your username. Try typing your username as "". If you still get an error message, please contact

I get the error message “Cannot find the app” #

If your computer is not an NTNU-machine or you are attempting to access through another network than NTNU’s network, the machine may attempt to log you on with the wrong user. Try opening the link in inprivate/incognito mode in your browser (right clock on the browser icon and choose inprivate/incognito). If you still get the error message, please contact

Are my answers treated securely? #

Yes. Your answers are treated confidentially. Only a small number of users (NTNU-employees) have access to the answers, and these have been given training in managing the data.

Can candidates and supervisors gain access into each other’s responses? #

No, only in very particular circumstances. Candidates and supervisors may only gain access to each other’s answers if a special individual case is created. This will be done in close cooperation with the candidate and supervisor in question. Applications for access will be treated on an individual case by case basis and in accordance with current law and regulations.

Who handles my answers? #

The answers are handled by NTNU employees working with administrative support for PhD or who have leadership responsibility towards the PhD-education. Recaps are made available for relevant leaders.

Will my response be deleted? #

Your response will be archived in NTNU’s archive system ePhorte in accordance with Section 1 in the Norwegian Archives Act. Your response will be deleted from the online systems (Powerapps and Sharepoint) once the administrative procedures related to this year’s progress reports are completed.

Why did I receice an email saying that I had to hand in the report again (2019)?  #

The originally designed reporting system crashed during the collection period. The error was only occuring for PhD candidates (not supervisors). The IT departmenst shut down the origial system and replaced it with a new system. All candidates  received an email with information and a link to the new system.

For more information, see #

Contact #

Contact the PhD-administration at your department/faculty or if you have any questions concerning the progress report or if you have any suggestions for how to improve this FAQ.

Can I hand in my progress report after the deadline? #

Yes. After the web form has passed you can hand in a report manually. Fill in one of the forms below:

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