Programme council - MCT

Programme Council for the Master's programme in Music, Communication and Technology

The joint Programme Council of the master in Music, Communication and Technology (MCT) has been constituted based on the mandate for programme councils at NTNU. According to the mandate: “The programme council is an advisory body that contributes to efforts to enhance the quality of the programme of study. The programme council consists of students as well as academic and administrative staff. The programme council is to have external representatives or provide for input from external parties”.

The MCT Programme Council is a platform for developing the MCT study programme in conversation with the working world. The main contribution of the programme council is to assure coherence, consistency and relevance in the programme of study and provide strategic support to the programme leader.   


  • Stefano Fasciani (UiO), programme leader
  • Ellen Filmberg (UiO), secretary and administrative employee
  • Andreas Bergsland (NTNU), study programme coordinator
  • Øyvind Brandtsegg (NTNU), academic staff
  • Peter Edwards (UiO), academic staff
  • Simon Rønsholm Sandvik (NTNU), student representative intake 2019
  • Jackson Goode (UiO), student representative intake 2019
  • William Kempton Mandeville (NTNU), student representative intake 2020
  • Leigh Daniel Murray (UiO), student representative intake 2020
  • Johan Ludvig Nielsen (Cisco Systems), external representative
  • Marte Bratseth Johansen (NTNU), external representative
  • May Vester Larsen (NTNU), administrative employee
  • Trond Engum (NTNU), academic substitute
  • Alexander Refsum Jensenius (UiO), academic substitute
  • Robin Støckert (NTNU), consultant/observer

Meeting plans

Meeting plan, agenda and protocol
Date Agenda Protocol
4 December 2020 Agenda 4 December 2020 Protocol 4 December 2020
25 September 2020 Agenda 25 September 2020 Protocol 25 September 2020
17 April 2020 Agenda 17 April 2020 Protocol 17 April 2020
12 February 2020 Agenda 12 February 2020 Protocol 12 February 2020
26 September 2019 Agenda 26 September 2019 Protocol 26 September 2019
14 June 2019 Agenda 14 June 2019 Protocol 14 June 2019
21 March 2019 Agenda 21 March 2019 Protocol 21 March 2019
1 February 2019 Agenda 1 February 2019 (old format) Protocol 1 February 2019 (old format)


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