Printing your thesis

For printing you Master's theisis, please go to the wiki page Finalizing the bachelor and master thesis

Norsk versjon - Trykking av oppgaver

Topic page about printing and copying (students) and logos and templates (employees)

Pages labeled with printing

Printing shops #

NTNU Grafisk senter allows you to send in your thesis as a pdf file. You should use the NTNU online order form. You can also look at this e-brochure (in Norwegian) where, if you can read Norwegian, you will find lots of answers to the questions about getting your thesis printed. 

Skipnes communications Print Ph.D. thesisMedical student research programme | Research line tasks

Printing of dissertation (PhD) #

Once your dissertation has been approved for the public defence and is ready for printing, you should order an ISBN-number.

The dissertation is to be submitted to one of the following printing shops:

You can find more information about recommendations concerning printing format, style etc. on the printing shops' web pages.

Cover template #

A template for the cover of your thesis can be downloaded here (InDesign, PowerPoint og QuarkXpress.) The printing shops can also create a cover for you.

Ph.D candidates may not download covers, they should contact Grafisk Senter og Skipnes as described above.

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