Presence of teaching staff during exams

Rules for the presence and availability of teaching staff or their representatives during exams.

Norsk versjon - Faglærers oppmøte under eksamen  

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Availability of teaching staff during home exams, spring semester/re-sit examinations 2020 #

A temporary directive has been adopted, regarding the availability of teaching staff during exams in courses that have changed assessment form to home exam for the spring semester 2020.

  1. The teacher, or a representative of his/hers, must be available by phone for the Academic Administrative Division (Examinations Office) and the candidates during the exam.
  2. The candidate should only contact the teacher/representative if he/she has discovered direct errors or insufficiencies in the question set.
  3. If a need to notify candidates during the exam should arise, e.g. in case of an error in the question set, teacher/representative must contact the Academic Administrative Division which in turn will notify the candidates via a message in Inspera and by SMS.

The directive can be read in its entirety here (in Norwegian only).

Presence of teaching staff during written school exams (not applicable spring semester 2020) #

  1. For written exams, be present in the exam room at one point during the exam.
  2. Be available by telephone throughout the exam.
  3. Answer questions about possible errors, deficiencies, ambiguities or aspects which are not clear in the text of the questions.
  4. Inform all the candidates about misprints or necessary changes in the text of the questions.

Adopted by Rector 07.03.2006.

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