Prescription safety glasses

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If you work in a laboratory or workshop and are required to use protective glasses, you might want prescription protective glasses.

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How to get prescription safety glasses #

  • Ask for a requisition for an eye examination. Fill out the requisition with the description: Eye examination: evaluation of the need for prescription protective glasses
  • Fill out the measurement form for protective glasses (docx) / the measurement form for protective glasses (pdf)
  • Make an appointment at an optician under contract with NTNU.
  • Bring your requisition and the measurement form to your appointment.
  • If your optician decides that you need prescription protective glasses, your unit will cover the cost of certain models. If you choose one of the more expensive models, you will personally pay the excess cost. The optician will send a bill for the eye examination and any glasses to your unit.
  • If as a result of the eye examination, the optician decides that an eye doctor needs to be consulted, you will be sent to an eye doctor. If this is necessary because you work at a computer, your unit will cover the regular cost of an eye doctor.
  • The optician will call you in for a new evaluation of the need for prescription protective glasses 2-3 years after the original examination. The cost of this examination will be covered, as long as you are still an NTNU employee.

The prescription protective glasses that are paid for by NTNU are to be treated as NTNU's property and only used for work for NTNU.

Complaints #

If you prescription protective glasses don't work properly, you should say something to the optician as soon as possible and no later than 1 month after you have received the glasses. The cost of any adjustments related to the problem should be covered by the optician.

What are prescription protective glasses? #

Prescription protective glasses are CR approved protective glasses with individual prescription in the glasses. The protective glasses are available in safety classes S or F. A risk assessment is used to decide what type of safety class applied to your protective glasses.

Safety class S is used in regular laboratories and workshops with low risk. Safety class F is used where there is a large risk of particles (such as metal shavings, shrapnel or dynamite) that can hit your eye at high speeds. In some cases a visor or other, more extensive protective equipment might be necessary.

Help and guidelines #

ontact #

  • Occupational Health Services:
  • Tina Hagen, physiotherapist
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