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This site contains a guide to grading portfolios in Inspera Assessment, where the final grade is published for the portfolio as a whole, not each individual part.

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Portfolio assessment in Inspera #

In Inspera, each test is based on a corresponding “examination unit” (“vurderingsenhet”) created in FS. An examination unit is the technical entity to which an examination (written exam, report, works) is connected. A portfolio consists of multiple examination units/entities but the candidate receives only a single, collated grade, which is registered on the “top tier” in the portfolio.

The different examinations within the portfolio can all be done in Inspera, however, Inspera does not support grading multiple tests as one. As the candidates are not to receive grades for each individual examination, only a single collated grade, the final phase of the grading process (setting the final collated grade) must be completed outside of Inspera. When the grader has determined the final grade it is possible to register it in Inspera by using a grade registration test created on the “top tier” of the portfolio (this test is created by the planner).

There are different ways in which one can collate the points from the different examinations. The solution presented below is one of the possibilities. In this example, all the examinations have been done in Inspera, and the process is divided into five steps.

  1. Grade the individual examinations in Inspera
  2. Extract the points given in the individual examinations in Inspera
  3. Collage the points and set final grade
  4. Upload grades in Inspera
  5. Confirm final grades

Grade the individual examinations in Inspera #

When the examinations/assignments are completed, they are graded in the same way as regular digital examinations, but the grades are not exported to FS. The goal is to have one points total per candidate per examination.

Extract the points given in the individual examinations in Inspera #

To extract the points given in the individual examinations in Inspera you go to the Grading tab. If you go to the candidate view you find a table containing all the candidates you have graded, along with their respective points total. Highlight and copy this table. When you have highlighted and copied the table, insert it into an empty Excel spreadsheet.

Note: Inspera only shows 100 candidates per page. If your examination has more candidates than 100, you must repeat the highlight-and-copy process for each page.

If more than one grader has been involved, be aware that you will only see your own points total in the points column, not your co-grader’s. Thus, in cases where there is more than one grader, you should strive to agree on the points total as well as the grade.

Tip: The table contains several columns. If you don’t wish to include all columns in the extract you can click the column button and deselect the columns you don’t need.

If you have graded using decimals and the points total for one or more candidates corresponds to a specific date in the date format DD.MM (possible if you have Norwegian setup on your computer), you must insert the following formula: =DAY(cell containing the date)+MONTH(cell containing the date)0,1. Before you insert the formula it may look like this:

After you insert the formula it should look like this:

Collate the points and set final grade #

When you have extracted the points from all the individual examinations, you can add them up in a separate column.

The points total is the basis for the final grade in the course. The final grade must be put in an Excel spreadsheet containing two columns only – candidate number and grade, using the format CandidateID (column A) and Grade (column B).

Upload the grades in Inspera #

When you have an Excel spreadsheet with the candidates and the grades you can upload it to the test in Inspera. Find the test in the Grading tab and go the candidate view. Click “Upload” in the top right corner and select “Grades from Excel”.

Confirm final grades #

When you have uploaded the grades a dialogue box appears showing the number of candidates updated. In the candidate view you can now see that the table includes the grades you set in the Excel spreadsheet. Finally you must confirm the grades.

Note: If the grade registration test is set up with “Individual marks” you are prompted to “Confirm your grading”. If the grade registration test is set up with “Shared marks” you are prompted to “Confirm final grading”.

A grading protocol is generated when the final grading is confirmed.

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