PhD start-up seminar

The start-up seminar helps candidates to get started with their doctoral degree. Your Faculty offers this seminar. Norsk versjon - Oppstartsseminar for doktorgradskandidater

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The aim of the seminar is to provide you with information about:

  • The association representing the interests of doctoral candidates DION
  • Your rights and duties
  • The experience of doctoral candidates whose work is already in progress
  • The doctoral programme from start to finish
  • Ethics in research and publication
  • Publishing strategies and evaluation processes
  • Regulations, procedures, and HSE (health, safety and the environment)
  • Search in library databases
  • Courses in teaching
  • Courses in writing

You can also get written information about:

  • Your workplace
  • Access to libraries
  • Access to good ICT solutions
  • Access to laboratories (if relevant)
  • Help with practical matters such as materials, work permits, and visas
  • Housing in transitional periods
  • Mentors (relevant for candidates who are associated with companies)
  • Literature
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