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PhD forms at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE).
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How to progress with your PhD work at NTNU:

PhD 1-2-3

PhD on Track

Getting started

  • NTNU PhD handbook

  • Getting started Discussion material for new PhD candidates and main supervisor (pdf)

  • Application for admission (pdf | doc)
  • PhD agreement (pdf)
  • Plan for Integrated PhD (pdf | doc)
  • Individual study syllabus (pdf | doc)
  • Guidelines for research plan (pdf)


  • Progress report (PhD candidate | supervisor) 
  • Change in academic training (pdf | doc)
    • Requirements for Academic Training, cf. Section 9-1 (pdf)
  • Application for prolongation (pdf)


  • Application for assessment of thesis (pdf | doc)
  • Statement from supervisor (pdf | doc)
  • Declaration of co-authorship (pdf | doc)
  • Administrative checklist regarding your completion (pdf)

Integrated PhD

dr. philos

  • Application for assessment of thesis (pdf | doc)

PhD Regulation for NTNU

PhD Regulation for NTNU including supplemantary decisions at the IE-Faculty

Information on Transferable Skills

Evaluation committee forms

Forms for the administrator and the committee.

  • Acceptance to serve on evaluation committee for PhD (pdf) – impartiality form
  • Acceptance to serve on evaluation committee for dr.philos. (pdf) – impartiality form
  • Assessment of PhD thesis (doc)
  • Subject for trial lecture (doc)
  • Examination result form (pdf | doc)
  • Guidelines for the Assessment of Candidates for Norwegian Doctoral Degrees (pdf)
  • [Grafisk framstilling av ph.d.-forskriften (§12) - fullføring (pdf)]
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