Payouts of exchange scholarships administered by NTNU

This page provides information about how to receive payouts of exchange scholarships managed by NTNU.

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See Financing of exchange studies for info on the various ways you can fund exchange studies abroad. 

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Payment of scholarships from NTNU, Nordplus and TOTAL #

See the separate wiki page for payment of Erasmus scholarships

You will receive an email with information about whether you have been awarded a scholarship from NTNU, Nordplus or TOTAL some time after you have uploaded the confirmation of admission from the education institution abroad in Søknadsweb.

Amount #

How much you get paid varies depending on the scholarship you get and the length of your visit. Payment of the scholarship is divided into two, and you will receive the second part after you have submitted an experience report about your stay.  

First payment #

After you have arrived in the country where you will be studying, you must do the following to receive the scholarship payout:

  1. Register your address abroad in through this form
  2. Register your address abroad in Studentweb
  3. Send your bank account number by email to with the subject "Info Utbetaling”

The final deadline for registering your address abroad and sending the account number is:

  • 15 November if you started the exchange in the autumn semester
  • 15 April if you started the exchange in the spring semester

Second payout #

You must submit a brief experience report to receive payout of the second part of the scholarship. We recommend that you submit the report about halfway during your stay.

  • If you are abroad for  one semester you will receive the scholarship payout about a month after submitting your experience report
  • If you are abroad for two semesters, the scholarship will be paid at the beginning of the second semester abroad, provided that the experience report has been submitted

Reduction/withdrawal of scholarship #

  • We reserve the right to reduce the amount if you receive a scholarship/grant from other sources (this does not apply to funding from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen)
  • The scholarship will be withdrawn if you apply for leave of absence from NTNU for the period, or if you take a degree programme abroad

If you cancel your studies abroad or if you end them earlier than planned, you will have to repay part of the scholarship.

Contact #

Advisors on exchange studies

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