Parking for employees at the University Museum

You can apply NTNU-ansatt kan du søke om parkeringsplass ved Vitenskapsmuseet. På norsk: Parkering for ansatte ved Vitenskapsmuseet

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"" #

Download a larger and printer-friendly version of the map above (pdf).

Handicapped parking #

There are handicapped parking places at the entrances off all three of the museum buildings in the Kalvskinnet area.  Download a printable version of the map above (pdf)

Charging stations for electric cars #

Charging stations #

There are  4 charging stations for electric cars in Kalvskinnet (external webpage with searchable map). The charging stations are:

  • open to everyone,
  • free
  • allow for unlimited charging time

Contact #

Vitenskapsmuseet tlf: 73 59 21 50

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