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Information on parking for employees and students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Øya. På norsk: Parkering - Fakultet for medisin og helsevitenskap

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Apply for a parking permit 2020 coming soon #

Employees and students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH) have the right to apply for parking in the Øya area, near the hospital.

Trondheim Parking decides what the prices are, based on applicable guidelines. There is a price list on the form. Any price increases will take place when the new yearly form is released.

About the application process and timing #

The main round for parking applications normally starts in November/December each year. YES, you do have to reapply every year, even if you have a parking permit already. More information about the timing and the process will be published on Innsida when the application date is closer.

In general, your parking permit extends from 1 January to 31 December, but exceptions can be made. You can apply whenever you like during the year, with the drawback being that you may not be given the parking area that you request if you apply outside of the normal application period.

Available parking areas #

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH) has the following parking areas available:

  • NTNU parking places: MH has 34 places in the Øya area; 26 places behind Nevro Vest and eight places on the west side of the Cecilie Bridge (Ceciliebrua) with the possibility to park at RiT-C. You'll find the criteria that decide if you will be awarded one of these places in the application form. Important: We are not responsible if there is not any parking available at your pefered parking place. You then have to drive to the other NTNU/RiT-C parking place.
  • RiT-C places: These parking places are on the fringe of the hospital area, on Marienborg.
  • RiT-FIN: The Finalebanen parking garage.
  • RUST: Handelshøyskolen parking garage
  • LEUTH: Leuthenhaven parking garage

The location of the "NTNU" and "RiT-C" parking places may be changed, stay tuned for more information.

Maps of the St. Olavs Hospital- area (Norwegian)

Prices from January 1. 2020 #

  • NTNU parking permit kr 670 per month
  • RiT-C parking permit kr 610 per month
  • RUST parking permit 670 per month
  • LEUTH parking permit 610 per month
  • RiT-Fin kr 1125 per month

Contact #

If you have more questions about parking at the hospital you can:

Visitor parking #

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