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Panopto lets you make your own desktop recordings, record lectures in certain classrooms and upload video for viewing through an integrated playback platform. 


Panopto's integration with Blackboard allows you to limit access to learning resources to students in your class, but external publishing is also possible.

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Sign in in the upper right corner. To create a user, log in with NTNU Feide. To get access to upload videos, please send an email to magnus.lian@ntnu.no.(Automatication of this process is being worked on.)

What features does Panopto have?

  • Video production on PC / Mac / mobile phone.
  • Publishing of existing videos.
  • Podcast Recording.
  • Easy video editing.
  • Create video quiz.
  • Students can deliver their own video productions.
  • Live streaming of teaching on your own PC.
  • Live streaming of events from other live streaming equipment.
  • Automatic recording of classroom and auditorium teaching.

3-minute overview of Panpoto's video platform for education.

Download Panopto Desktop Recorder

You can download Panopto Desktop Recorder software in NTNU Software Center.

Install applications from Software Center.

Panopto App for mobile devices

You can use Panopto App to watch video, record and publish new videos.

How do I use the program?

How to upload video and audio from other programs to Panopto

You can import video and audio from other camera and recording programs into Panopto.

  • All Windows 10 PCs have an application called Camera that can be used for recording.
  • All Macs have Quicktime installed. There you can make recordings of your screen or just audio.

Rediting of video recordings

If you need more advanced video editing than Panopto offers, the Multimedia Center has access to 200 licenses for Camtasia. NTNU also has an agreement with Adobe that provides access to Premiere for professional editing.

Videos edited in these programs and all other editors can also be published to Panopto as an alternative to YouTube.

Book a studio or automatic recording in classrooms

You can order studio recording or automatic recordings in classrooms at the Multimedia Center.

Book a studio or automatic recording


If you need help, please contact NTNU's Multimedia Center.

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