Paga (or PAGA) is NTNU's payroll system. You use PAGA to submit information on your absences from work, holidays and travel expense claims, in addition to keeping track of your salary payments. Norsk versjon - Paga

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Logging on #

 Log on to PagaWeb  Alternative: How to use terminal server (especially for Mac users)

Which browser do I have to use? #

PagaWeb can be used with all versions of Internet Explorer (IE) up to version 8.0.

Log on outside of the NTNU network #

If you want to log on to PagaWeb when you are outside of the NTNU network, you first have to connect to the NTNU network using VPN.

Here's what you can do in Paga #

Use Paga to register the following:

  • Holiday/vacation time
  • Absences from work (due to illness, a child's illness, etc.)
  • Leave from work
  • Overtime
  • Salary
  • Travel expense claims
  • Personal information

User guides #

User support #

Inactivity and need to log on again  #

Your session will be ended on Paga after two hours for security reasons. Here's how you log on again.

  1. Close your browser and open a new "fresh" browser page (best if you use Internet Explorer)
  2. Open PagaWeb log on and enter your user name and password.

An alternative is to try freshing your screen (by clicking F5), but this often results in a dreaded error message.

Other info #

  • System owner -- NTNU Finances Division, Payroll Services, Ingrid Eide.
  • System supplier: Bluegarden

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