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Software information #

PCTeX for Windows provides a completely integrated TeX and LaTeX system for professional typesetting of books, technical journals, and other documents. The fontset MathTime Professional II is a good fontset for mathematics.

PCTeX contains the following attributes:

  • Icon menus for quick navigation through frequently used functions. (Choose Help - PCTeX helper)
  • Macros for TeX, LaTeX (2e) and AMS-TeX.
  • Gives the possibility of editing multiple articles simultaneously
  • Complete set of scalable Computer Modern fonts, support for use of Postscript-, True Type- PK-, and MathTime Pro fonts
  • Built-in text editor, as well as support for other editors under DOS or Windows. 
  • Possibility for simultaneous use of multiple editing windows and windows for showing .DVI files.
  • Support for use of all printers installed under Windows.
  • Possibility to include .WMF-, -EPS-, .PS-, and .BMP files as graphics in TeX documents.
  • Built-in Acrobat Distiller for DVI- and PostScript documents.
  • LaTeX document templates.
  • Export to Adobe Illustrator

License information #

Free software: You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization. You don't need to register or pay for 7-Zip.

Used by all units at NTNU. 7-Zip is installed on all PCs operated by NTNU IT.

Download/Install/Run: #

MathTime Professional 2 Fonts #

NTNU also has a license for the Math Time Professional 2 font set. This font set can replace the font set Computer Modern, which is the standard in LaTeX and TeX. This font set can be found on Progdist, in the same catalog as PCTeX - Campus/PCTeX.

For more information about this font set, see Math TimeProfessional 2 Fonts

Supplier information #

Manufacturer: See more about PCTeX at Personal TeX Inc.

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