On this page you will find an overview of the rules for overtime and time off in lieu for employees at NTNU.

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The Norwegian Working Environment Act sets limits on how many overtime hours you can work. All overtime must be ordered by and approved by your manager. 

Overtime work must be required and verifiable, and it can only be imposed to meet extraordinary needs during a limited period.  Employees may not work beyond the agreed working hours as a permanent arrangement.

An employee is entitled to exemption from performing work in addition to agreed working hours when he or she requests this for health reasons or for well-founded social reasons. The employer is also obliged to exempt an employee who requests this when the work can be postponed or performed by others without harm.

All about registration of working hours and overtime 

Overtime limits #

Overtime work must not exceed 10 hours during 7 days, 25 hours during 4 consecutive weeks, and 200 hours a year. The limits may be extended by agreement with the civil servants’ unions, or after approval from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, within the limits set out in Section 10-6 of the Working Environment Act. Total working hours must not exceed 13 hours per 24 hours and 48 hours per seven days. The limit of 48 hours per seven days may be calculated according to an average over a period of eight weeks, if total working time according to Section 5-10 second paragraph and Section 10-6 fifth paragraph does not exceed 69 hours in any one week.

According to the Working Environment Act, overtime is work in addition to normal working hours of 40 hours per week, while the Basic Collective Agreement (hovedtariffavtalen) in the State specifies normal working hours of 37.5 hours per week. Employees with a working week of 37.5 hours can therefore be required to work overtime in addition to the difference between a working week of 37.5 and 40 hours.

However, this does not mean a general extension in the framework of working hours per year. Statens personalhåndbok (the personnel handbook for State employees) states that: “If there are weeks in which the employee does not work more than normal working hours (37.5 hours), then the employee will not 'save up' or 'have a credit of' 2.5 hours per week for these weeks.

The number of hours on an annual basis that these 2.5 hours represent will therefore depend on the number of weeks during which overtime is worked”. The difference between 40 and 37.5 hours can therefore only be applied on a weekly basis, and it must also be settled according to summer / winter time practice.

Employees in senior or particularly independent posts  #

As a rule, employees in senior and particularly independent posts (Statens personalhåndbok 2018, in Norwegian) are not entitled to overtime.

Rest break before overtime work #

If you are required to work overtime lasting more than 2 hours immediately after completing your regular working hours, you must first be granted a half-hour break, which will be included in the working hours.

Additional hours and overtime for part-time employees #

Employees in part-time positions can receive overtime pay if they have worked normal hours of work for a full day and the overtime work is required. For work on days that have been specified as days off by agreement, overtime is paid only for hours beyond the normal working day.

Overtime for people paid by the hour #

Employees who are paid by the hour can receive overtime pay if they have worked normal hours of work for a full day and the overtime work is required.

Compensatory time off instead of overtime pay #

If you have worked obligatory overtime, you can take compensatory time off for the equivalent number of hours. You can choose whether to take compensatory time off for the overtime you have accumulated, or whether you want the amount to be added to your salary payment. The overtime supplement will be paid regardless.

Requirements for documentation and verification of overtime #

See the attached memo on Requirements for satisfactory documentation and verification of overtime (PDF, in Norwegian)

References and legislation #

Overtime is regulated by Section 10-6 of the Working Environment Act (in Norwegian) – an English translation is available here and Section 13 of the Basic Collective Agreements (hovedtariffavtalene) - in Norwegian

Contact #

If you have any questions, please contact the HR staff for your unit or your manager.

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