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Here you can order safety glasses with and without vision correction.

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Ordering regular safety glasses #

 Purchase request form  or contact your orderer 

All orders must be agreed with your closest leader.

NTNU has an agreement with AEO for safety glasses.

Ordering safety glasses with vision correction #

Safety glasses with vision correction are CR approved safety glasses with individual correction for each eye. 

Choose between two types #

The safety glasses are delivered in danger classifications S or F. 

  • Danger classification S is usually used in low-risk laboratories and workshops.
  • Danger classification F is used in areas with a higher risk of particles (scobs, splinters, dynamite) hitting the eye area. In some cases, a visor or more comprehensive protective equipment might be necessary.

A risk assessment will determine the danger classification required for the safety glasses.

How to get safety glasses with vision correction #

  1. Ask for a referral from your orderer to order an eye examination
  2. Fill out the referral with the following description: "Eye examination: Assessing the need for safety glasses with vision correction."
  3. Fill out the measurement form for safety glasses
  4. Schedule an appointment for an eye examination with the optician with which NTNU has a purchase agreement (use the search word "databrille").
  5. Bring the referral and the measurement form to the examination.
  6. If you need safety glasses with vision correction, the unit will cover your expenses for some models. If you want a more expensive model than the ones NTNU covers, you have to pay the difference yourself. The optician will invoice the unit for the examination and the safety glasses (if applicable).
  7. If the examination shows that you need to be examined by an eye specialist, the optician will refer you to one. If your workplace is the basis of the referral, your unit will cover the patient's payment for the eye specialist examination.
  8. If necessary, the optician will call you in for a new assessment of your need for safety glasses with vision correction 2–3 years after the first eye examination. The condition for getting your expenses covered for a new examination is that you are still employed by NTNU.

Complaints #

Any complaints must be submitted as soon as possible, and no later than 1 month after receiving the glasses. Any expenses related to complaints are covered by the optician.

Help #

Do you have questions? Your local orderer can help you. 

Purchase agreement for safety glasses #

Contact information and more information about the agreement

See also #

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