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Information on this page is for all employees at NTNU.

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Norwegian: Bestille catering og møtemat

As a rule, the leader or the authorized representative shall show restraint when it comes to ordering food for meetings and representations. You should clarify with your respective leader before ordering. 

Eating at NTNU's venues #

Catering and food must be ordered from NTNU's suppliers by contract: Godt Brød Trondhjem AS, Frati Catering AS and SiT Cafe. These agreements are binding and must be used for all orders of food in NTNU venues (only Sit catering in Sit canteen areas).

When ordering food, the order must explicitly state what the order contains, how many people that will attend the meeting/event and the occasion. Remember to write the project number and cost center in the form. You also have to write the precise delivery address and contact information. 

 Purchase request form    

Contact your orderer if you have questions.

  • Catering/food orders: SiT Café, Godt Brød Trondhjem AS, Frati Catering AS.
  • Cake orders: SiT Café.
  • Events/parties where the supplier delivers on-site and provides service personnell: Frati Catering AS. The transportation is free of charge for all deliveries to NTNU. 

NB! Orders must be sent to the provider(s) before 12:00 for the order to be processed on the next day. 

Godt Brød Trondhjem AS #

  • Godt Brød's menu (in Norwegian)
  • Contact: Elin Høgh Olsen | phone: 735 36 140 | email: trondheim@godtbrod.no

SiT #

  • Contact your orderer for information about what you can order.
  • Catering and food should be ordered before 13:00. Orders for more than 30 people are delivered on the next working day. 
  • Sushi is delivered after two working days. Orders for more than 30 people is delivered after two working days. 
  • Cakes should be ordered before 12 pm. Small cakes are delivered the next working day. Large cakes are delivered after two working days. Faster delivery is possible. 
  • Contact: Frøydis Dybdahl | phone: 907 69 492 | email: kafe@sit.no

Frati Catering AS #

  • Frati Catering's menu
  • Catering and food should be ordered before 12:00. Delivered after 9:00 the following day. 
  • Party arrangements should be ordered after 12:00. Delivered after 7 working days. Faster delivery is possible.
  • Requests by e-mail between 10:00 and 14:00 are answered the same day. Emails sent after 14:00 are answered the next working day. 
  • Contact: Bernard Saverimuthu | phone: 971 89 623 | email: post@fraticatering.no

Ecological food #

The agreements are part of NTNU’s strategy to save the environment and aim to increase the use of ecological foods. 50% of food orders delivered to NTNU should consist of ecological foods. Download more information on ecological foods (in Norwegian)

Eating outside NTNU's venues #

NTNU does not have any agreements with restaurants, you can choose the restaurant that suits you, and book a table. As long as you keep to the price rates set.

Use a requisition if pre-order of food is not possible. Use the order form if you know exactly what you are going to eat and drink. Remember to send the receipt with the requisition form to your local orderer.

 Purchase request form    

These are some of the popular restaurants used: 

Rockheim – the national museum of popular music

Restaurant Credo

To rom og kjøkken

Rica Nidelven og Rica Bakklandet - contact Britt Marie Hegnes

Price rates for 2019 #

Amount per. participant 2019:

  1. For events less than 3 hours within the normal working hours, up to NOK. 183, - per participant
  2. For events lasting 3 hours or more, or extending beyond normal working hours, up to 414 NOK may be used. - per participant. This can only be done if there is a need for serving other than sandwiches, coffee, etc.
  3. For long-term events where two servings are required, up to kr. 606, - per participant.Where, for practical reasons, meals that cannot be eaten in the canteens, dining rooms, meeting rooms or similar, but have to use external dining places, the rates can be increased by up to 50%.

The rates under items 1, 2 and 3 shall be used in NTNU context at internal meetings and events. This also applies when using external eating-places.

In connection with special events that normally occur up to one to two times per semester, such as summer parties, Christmas parties, banquets, and the rates can be increased up to the maximum rate for representation, 1 326 NOK per. person.

For meetings and events involving non-NTNU employees and students, rates at external dining places can be increased up to the maximum rate for representation, 1 326 NOK per. person.

Do not give tips on the government’s bill when eating at restaurants in Norway.

Contact  #

Framework agreement for catering and food (in Norwegian) | Procurement Section Agreement Manager: Anne Kristin Riise

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