Order a mobile phone

See selection and order a new mobile phone.

Norsk versjon - Bestille mobiltelefon

Your leader determines if you can have your expenses covered for mobile phone purchases, subscriptions, tablets and broadband connections. Coverage of mobile and broadband services at NTNU.

Choose your mobile phone #

Have a look at NTNUs range of mobile phones from Techstep. Accessories are normally not covered, but if your leader determines that they are necessary for you to perform your work, you can order these from Imento as well. Note that you will not be able to see the prices in the webshop. Your orderer has the price list.

Order a mobile phone #

 Order mobile phone  or contact your orderer 

Fill out the Purchase request form and specify which mobile phone you want. Alternatively, you can send a link to the model you want in the webshop. The mobile phone will be delivered to your workplace. 

Repairs and service #

If your mobile phone gets broken or is not working correctly, you should contact Conmodo.

See also #

Purchase agreement and contact #

Contact your local orderer

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