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Here are the most frequently asked questions from students to Orakel support services.

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Frequently asked questions #

User account #

Q: I'm a new student. How do I get a username and password?

See Create a user account.

Q: I have forgotten my user name and/or password. Where can I find it?

See Usernames and passwords

Internet og network #

Q: How do I connect to the wireless network at campus?

See Wireless network.

Q: How to I connect to my home directories?

In order to connect to different network directories, see:

For more information about home directories, see Your files on the NTNU server.

Q: I live in a student village, what's my internet traffic limit?

If you live in a student village where NTNU is the internet service provider, you will have a 20 GB per day network traffic limit. To learn more about this, please see Internet Traffic Limit in Student Villages

Q: How do I install VPN (and when do I need it)?

When you're not at campus (or in a student village), some NTNU-services will be unavailable. The most common reason to need VPN is to access NTNU network directories when you're at home.

A guide on how to install VPN can be seen here: Install VPN.

Email #

Q: How do I check my NTNU email?

All students are given a NTNU-email address username@stud.ntnu.no. All email that NTNU sends students, come here. Access to your emails here: NTNU Webmail

Read more on how to access your student email in the article Read email with webmail.

We recommend to set up forwarding from your student mail to your main email account.

Software #

Q: Do you have Windows or Microsoft Office?

Orakel support services provides Office 365 for all students at NTNU. However, Oracle support services do not provide Microsoft Windows. If you are a student at the IME and IVT-faculty, Gurutjenesten provides Microsoft Windows for students attending courses at these faculties.

Q: How do I install matlab?

How to install Matlab, and link to a videoguide is available in the article Matlab for students.

Q: What is the activation key for Matlab?

The activation key can be found in the file lesmeg.txt which lies directly on the DVD, as well as in the Matlab-folder on progdist.

Where can I get SPSS?

SPSS is available from Progdist. You can also borrow a CD with SPSS at our help desk.

Read more about SPSS in this installation guide.

What kind of software can I download?

See this topic page about software, or you can check out progdist.

Q: How do I connect to progdist?

Progdist has a internet portal which you can use (login required). For more information and an alternative way of connection, see the article about progdist.

Campus #

Q: Is there any computer labs I can use?

See this list of computer labs that are serviced by Orakel. In addition to these, there are other computer labs that are services by the different faculties.

Also see computer labs at IVT.

Q: Where can I print?

Most computer labs (above) have a printer attached to the machines.

Q: Can I print from my personal computer to an NTNU printer?

Yes, you can connect to most printers with your personal computer. How to do this is described in the right column on Printing.

Q: Where do I find room X?

In order to find different rooms and places on campus, search by room number at ntnu.edu/map-and-rooms. You can also use the app MazeMap for navigating on the campuses Gløshaugen and Øya.

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties. If you are an NTNU employee, consult your local IT Support.

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