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Office 365 Skype for business for students

Norsk versjon: Office 365 Skype for business for studenter

NB: Skype for business was previously known as Lync

Set up Skype for business for Windows #

Once you open Skype for Business you will arrive at the Sign-in screen.

Make sure that you have office 365 installed and Skype for business. If you do not have Skype for Business installed you can get it for free via NTNU here: Office 365 portal

  1. Your Sign-in address will be your NTNU e-mail in the format
  2. Proceed to fill in your NTNU password
  3. Click Sign In
  4. This will produce an error message. Hit OK and another field will appear on the Sign-in screen
  5. Change your user name from to
  6. Click Sign In

Guide for MAC/OSx #

The Office 365-package for Mac does, unlike the Windows edition, not contain Skype for Business. Mac users will therefore have to download and install Skype for Business separately.

  1. Download Skype for Business here: 
  2. Open the .pkg file. This will start the installer as shown in the image below
    Sometimes it is necessary to hold 'ctrl' and right-click the icon. Then choose Open 
  3. Once the installation is finished open Skype for Business from Finder -> Applications -> Skype for Business
  4. Enter your stud-mail: as shown in the image below.
  5. Open Advanced options and enter your FEIDE-user: Importent: Choose Save afterwards, see the picture
  6. You will now be returned to the first window. Press Continue, after a short while you will be asked for your NTNU password. Assuming that the password is entered correctly you should now be able to Sign In and enjoy Skype for Business.
    Password field 
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