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Microsoft Teams is a tool for easy communication and interaction in groups. Teams includes a wide range of communication solutions, and offer collaboration in the most important Office-applications. Teams are for projects where you want an overview of and access to tasks, content and colleagues. Through the shared storage and co-writing capabilities of Teams, you will avoid the challenges with many versions of documents circulating in e-mails and file areas.

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Applications/functionality #

Microsoft Teams allow employees, groups, and partners to work closely together, regardless of where they are located. With Microsoft Teams you can:

  • Send and receive instant messages.
  • Share files (Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel...).
  • Plan work tasks with deadlines and assignees.
  • Show your presence and/or status information.
  • Easily invite external partners.

Microsoft Teams also have different functionalities:

  • Teams: A team is a group of people who come together through work, projects or shared interests. For example, a team may be associated with a topic or a research project. You can create a team yourself and add members, or join an existing team.
  • Channels: A team consists of channels where you can interact and work with your team members. A channel can be associated with a specific topic, a project or a task.
  • Conversations and chat: Every channel has a channel conversation that is public and visible to everyone in the team. You can also create chats between yourself and another person or create a larger group chat.
  • Own storage area: When you create a team, a SharePoint site is automatically created under the files-tab. All files you upload or create in your team will be stored in the team's SharePoint site.
  • Mobile app: Teams has a mobile app you can download on your smartphone that gives you access to your Teams regardless of where you are.

User Guides #

Here you will find links to various user guides for different features in Microsoft Teams:

Contact #

Orakel Support Service can help you if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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