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Office 365 - Sharing and collaboration

This page will explain how to share documents, and how multiple students or employees can work on one document simultaneously.  

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How to share a document   #

To share a document, click File and then Sharing. You can then invite others through the following ways

  • Invite people
  • Share a link
  • E-amil
  • Present online (currently not in use)
  • Share to blog
  • Quick share with everyone at NTNU 

Invite people  #

You can  enter name, user name or NTNU-email for the participant you wish to share the document with.  

  • Enter the name or NTNU-user name of the person or persons you wish to share the document with. You can also choose whether or not the person should have the ability to edit the document, or mearly view it.   
  • Click "Share". 
  • You have now shared the document. The participants you shared it with will still not have  full access with all rights, to provide the participants will full access and all rights see the subsection “Give full access and all rights to participants”.  

If you wish to open a document for either viewing or editing rights to a large number of users, you can create a sharing link that you can share with the users. There are two types of links: One with view-only rights and one with view and editing rights. Only users provided with the “view and edit”-link are able to alter the document. You can generate these by clicking the «activate link»-button. 

You can also decide whether the user has to have a a NTNU account in order to access the document by ticking “Demand that the user logs on before the document can be opened”.

E-mail  #

If you click here a new a-mail is generated in your standard e-mail application, and the files is automatically put as an attachment. You can then send if to any e-mail.  

Quick sharing with everyone at NTNU   #

By adding a file or folder in the folder named “Share with Everyone”, the file or folder will be available for all NTNU-users. Please note that they are only available for users at NTNU and not anyone outside NTNU.  

Give full access and all rights to participants  #

Even if users are given editing rights when a document is shared, they will not have full access and all rights. E.g. they cannot delete or rename the file. To provide participants with full access and all rights you have you do the following: 

  • Click «Sharing» in the relevant document.
  • Click «Shared with».
  • The name of the participants that have been given view or editing rights will appear here. 
  • Choose the participant you wish to grant all rights and click  "Edit User Permissions". 
  • Choose which rights the participant should have. To provide the participant with full access and all rights, choose  «Full Control».

Collaboration   #

When several people work on the same document, the given paragraph they work on will be locked so that one the one user working on the given paragraph will have access to edit this. This is in order to avoid one participant overwriting another participants work. When you work in the online versions of the applications, or on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), all changes to the document will be updates for all users automatically. If you work on a desktop version of the application on a PC or Mac, you have to save the document to view the changes other participants have made.  

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Contact    #

Orakel Support Services will help you if you have problems with Office 365.

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