Office 365 is a collection of tools specifically tailored for sharing and collaboration. Office 365 includes the office suite - both on desktop and online, and collaboration tools such as TeamSites, Skype for Business and Teams.

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What's new in Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 provides NTNU's employees and students with free access to word processing, storage and interaction services on the web, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Here you can find Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote etc. for download and use in your browser.

Office 365 - guides

Orakel Support Services has created an e-learning course on how to use Office 365. The course will give you a good overview of how to use some key features, including sharing and co-writing. This course and many others can be found on the Learning portal.

Cloud storage and collaboration

All you need to know about sharing and collaboration  All you need to know about cloud storage

what is Teams and how to use it  What is Onedrive and how to use it

Get started guides

Learn about Word  Learn about Powerpoint  Learn about Excel  Learn about OneNote

Other guides

Office 365 Learning Centre

Using Office 365 in the web browser 

Our license includes both online versions of the software and applications installed on your device. Online access can be useful if you are using a computer that does not have the software installed, e.g. if you are travelling. To use Office 365 online, just log on to Office 365 and click the tile that represents the program you want to use.

Installing Office 365 on PC, Mac, tablet and smart phone

You can use Office 365 in your web browser or install it on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. You will find instructions on how to install the software and how to use it in collaboration listed below. You can install the application on up to five devices (such as Macs or PCs). If you have more than five devices you can administer the devices' access at any given time.


Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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