Nordic Contact Scholarship

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You can apply for the Nordic Contacs Scholarship to cover expenses related to travel to student events in the Nordics.

Looking for something else? Exchange studies topic overview page [LINK]

Objective #

The main objective of the Nordic Contact scholarship is to increase the academic and cultural interaction between NTNU students and students at high schools and universities in the Nordics through events connected to similar diciplines. 

Application deadline: 15 February #

What the scholarship covers #

  • The travel scholarship can only be granted to students who are enrolled in the NTNU or student groups who belong to the NTNU. 
  • Student events in Denmark, Sweden, Finbland, Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands. Travel to other countries are prioritized before travel within Norway. 
  • The trip needs to be connected to an academic dicipline. Independent student politics groups are also welcome to apply. 
  • The scholarship covers a maximum of 10 people per group. 
  • The scholarship will cover travel of the least expensive standard, and not accomodation. 

What the scholarship will not cover #

  • Main excursion
  • Parts of foundation course or main thesis.
  • Participation fee at conferences or similar.
  • Annual events
  • The same group two years in a row
  • Single individuals

What the application should contain #

  • Use the provided application form (see below).
  • The application should contain a short description of the event.
  • You can apply for travels that are already completed. If this is the case, tickets/receipts are to be attached with the application. If the trip is not completed within the application deadline, original tickets should be submitted after you return and within the year of the application. 
  • A list of the full names names of the participants.
  • Declare other forms of economic support receive for the same trip.

Link to the application form for the Nordic Contact Scholarship

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