Re-sit examination

(Videresendt fra New or rescheduled examination)

Courses with just one examination per year will have re-sit examinations. Read more about re-sit examinations on this page.

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Which courses have re-sit examinations? #

In courses in which written exams or oral examinations are held only once in the academic year, a re-sit examination is to be arranged before the next ordinary examination. The supplementary regulations and/or the course description specify whether a course has one or two regular exams per academic year.

Does my course has two regular exams per academic year, or has one regular and one re-sit exam? See the course webpage - find your course and go to the tab "Examination".

Temporary regulations regarding re-sit examinations - spring semester 2020 #

Students taking exams this semester have had a different exam and teaching situation, due to the Coronavirus. In order to avoid delaying the students’ progress, increase predictability, and ensure equal treatment across study programs, the Rector has made temporary decisions regarding re-sit examinations following the exams in the spring semester 2020.

The decision from the Rector – temporary regulations regarding re-sit examinations for the academic year 2019-2020, due to circumstances related to the Coronavirus. (In Norwegian)

The Rector wants to grant all students who have a legitimate absence from or failed home exams in the spring semester 2020 the opportunity to take re-sit examinations in courses with only one regular exam per academic year.

All re-sit examinations in August 2020 will be digital, most of them without physical attendance at campus. 

Updated information on new examination form can be found at the top of the course description. All course descriptions will be updated by 22 June.

The decision from the Rector - digital re-sit examinations in August, also for courses originally held in the autumn semester 2019. (In Norwegian)

Re-sit examinations are scheduled for week 32-34 for courses that normally have re-sit examinations in August.

Canceled exams originally scheduled before the end of March 2020, new exams will be held during week 24.

When will the re-sit examinations be organized? #

The re-sit examinations will be held in August (week 32/33/(34)) for a number of courses. You will find information about this at each course's website - tab "Examination". The status code will be "UTS" and the term will be "Summer".  

The dates will be published 15 July on each course's web page (search for last year's course, then go to "Examination") and on Studentweb.

Courses with re-sit examinations held during the academic year will have status code "UTS" and term will be "Spring" or "Autumn". You will also find the examination date under the tab "Examination".

For NTNU in Ålesund #

Re-sit examinations for autumn courses are organized in May/June. Re-sit examinations for spring courses are organized in November/December. Some courses will have their Re-sit examinations in week 32 and 33. 

Can I register for a re-sit examination? #

You can register for a re-sit examination if you have

You can only register for a re-sit examination in the academic year you have/were supposed to have taken the ordinary exam for the course. 

Please note that you can not register for a re-sit exam to retake a passed exam.

When do I register for a re-sit examination? #

Deadlines for registration:

  • Re-sit exams in week 32/33: 9 July.
  • Re-sit exams in the autumn and spring semester: 15 September (Autumn) and 1 February (Spring)

You can not register before your grade from the ordinary examination has been published in Studentweb

How do I register for a re-sit examination? #

Register for re-sit examinations via Studentweb.

Cancel my exam registration #

Deadline for cancelling your registration for re-sit exams:

  • Re-sit exams in week 32/33: 20 July. 
  • Re-sit exams in the autumn and spring semester: 14 days before the examination date. You'll find the exact date in Studentweb.

Regulations #

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