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General information for employees at the Department of Chemical Engineering / Institutt for kjemisk prosessteknologi (IKP), in addition to links to relevant Innsida pages.

General information at Innsida for employees at NTNU.

This page is under construction.

Management and general information #

Management at the Department of Chemical Engineering
Extended Management Group at the Department of Chemical Engineering
IKP Department Board
IKP Strategy 2018 - 2025
Department webpages
General presentation of the Department of Chemical Engineering

HR-related information #

For questions about your employment, please contact the IKP HR consultants.

Short-cuts to HR related information at Innsida:

New at NTNU
NTNU's HR-portal (Paga)
Salary, taxes, working hours etc.
Illness and sick-leave
Holiday (25 days/year for 100% position)
Different types of leave of absence

Recruitment of new employees: Please contact IKP HR consultants
Access for guest at IKP: Please contact IKP HR consultants
End of assignment at IKP: Please empty your office and laboratory space, deliver your computer and key. Fill out and sign this checklist and deliver it to your group engineer before leaving IKP

Laboratories, technical services and HSE #

The Department of Chemical Engineering has several laboratories, which are maintained by a qualified staff of group engineers, and we have high focus on HSE in all our activities.

Access to laboratories at IKP - fill out this checklist and give it to your group engineer
Instrumentation inventory list and booking at IKP
Ordering of equipment and chemicals at IKP
Technical support from IKP workshop
Technical support from NV workshops (Glassblower, fine mechanical and electronics workshops)
For help with building janitorial services - contact e-vaktmester
Gas distribution: Please contact Karin Wiggen Dragsten
Waste handling: Please contact Christopher Sørmo / Merethe Christensen Vadseth

IT services and library #

IT-services and info about NTNU Hjelp
Direct login to NTNU Hjelp
Extra IT-support for PhD-students - Mimir's well
Outlook email and calendar
Printing and copying
Printers at IKP are located in the department office, in K4 2nd and 4th floor, in K5 ...
Projectors and video equipment in IKP meeting rooms: If problem, please contact Mikael Hammer
NTNU guidelines for storage of files and documents
Library Services
Multimedia Centre

Purchasing / Ordering #

ALL orders must be placed by our local purchaser at IKP at IKP. The purchaser will need a cost centre (K-sted) and a project number, to be able to place an order.

IKP routines for ordering:

Equipment: 1) Fill out this checklist to map the scope of your purchase (Checklist in English / Norsk sjekkliste) and
2) and place your order in NTNU's ordering system (For purchases of more than 100.000 NOK a tender process is required - please contact the local purchasers at IKP)
Chemicals have to be ordered from companies with framework agreements. Link to form to be filled out. and please contact local purchasers at IKP
Computer and electronic equipment: Please contact Mikael Hammer
Catering and food: Regulations regarding ordering catering and food at NTNU

Receiving and registration of goods and services will be done by the local purchasers at IKP
Sending of packages: Please contact our local purchasers at IKP
Sending and receiving regular mail: Use the shelves for post in the department office

Buildings, parking and el-cars #

The Department of Chemical Engineering is mainly located in Chemistry buildings 4 and 5, the Chemistry halls and the PFI building at Gløshaugen NTNU.

Access and keys to offices and other rooms, please contact Group Lab Manager
For help with building janitorial services - contact e-vaktmester
Online map to offices, meeting rooms, lecture halls etc. (Mazemap)
Regulations relating to areas and campuses at NTNU
Guidelines for parking at NTNU
How to borrow an electric car for work related use
To borrow a trailer for your car at IKP, please register your booking in Outlook Calendar (nv-ikp_varehenger) and get the key from the IKP apprentice within normal working hours

Travel #

Travels guidelines for employees and information about how to book a flight, hotel room or rental car 
Travel guidelines for contract-based and temporary employees 
Credit card
How to fill out the travel expense form
Travel expense claims for non-employees

PhD #

For questions about PhD-related issues, please contact our PhD consultant at IKP.

PhD 1-2-3
Information for PhD students at the NV faculty
Program council for the PhD program at IKP
DION is NTNU's interest organization for PhDs, post-docs, and other temporary scientific employees
Teaching duties for PhDs (IKP guidelines)
IKP PhD forum is arranged regularly - invitations are sent out on e-mail

PostDoc #

Career support for PostDocs
If teaching duties should be part of the PostDoc, it has to be agreed upon prior to signing the contract.

Project execution #

Project execution at IKP

Information for teachers (faglærere) #

Information for teachers (faglærere) at IKP

Department economy #

Leiested: If you have questions, please contact your lab manager
Guidelines for distribution for income and expenses between the department and the research groups / projects
Reimbursment of personal expenses (has to be agreed upon by manager)

Communication #

Innsida is used for internal communication at NTNU and at IKP
NTNU channels for information and news (to be updated)
IKP e-mail lists:

Social #

IKP social committee arranges social arrangements for the department
Fitness and exercise

Info for international employees #

NTNU International Researcher Support (NIRS) offers counseling services for administrative staff and researchers working at or visiting NTNU 
Norwegian courses: IKP sponsors up to 3 Norwegian courses for international employees at the department (corresponding to the cost of similar NTNU courses). Please contact IKP HR consultant.
Infomation about digital public services in Norway
Infomation about Trondheim Municipality
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