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Routines and useful information for new employees at the Department of Chemical Engineering (IKP)

Welcome as a new employee at the Department of Chemical Engineering, NTNU.

General information #

New at NTNU

Mazemap: Map to offices, meeting rooms, lecture halls and other positions of interest

NTNU International Researcher Support (NIRS) offers counselling services for administrative staff and researchers working at or visiting NTNU. Other services offered by NIRS includes housing, dual career services, seminars, courses and social activities for the international community at NTNU.

SciFinder provides access to research in chemistry and related fields such as biomedicine and materials technology.

IT services #

The Orakel Support Services (Orakeltjenesten in Norwegian) helps all students and employees at NTNU.

Mimes brønn (Mimir’s well):«Mimes Brønn» (or in English Mimir's well) is a meeting place for NTNU PhD students and IT professionals. The objective of Mimes Brønn is to help PhD students get started with their research as quickly as possible. By facilitating a common physical location for periods of one to four weeks, the IT department can help scientists get started with their work faster, reducing the time spent navigating the technological jungle.

Workshops #

Workshop at IKP

Workshops at NV faculty: Glassblower and Fine mechanical workshop

Electronics workshop IFY

Purchasing #

For information about purchasing, please follow this link

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