Negotiations on journal access agreements

Norsk versjon: Nasjonale forhandlinger om tidsskrifter

Norwegian universities and university colleges have agreements with several academic publishers on access to scientific literature. Based on Norway’s National goals and guidelines for open access to scientific articles, these agreements are under renegotiation.
Update 8 October 2019:
  • We have reached a 3 year-agreement (2020-2022) with Taylor & Francis.
  • We have reached an agreement in principle with Springer Nature to continue on the current subscription agreement for 2019, as well as a 3-year agreement that includes publishing from 2020.
  • We have reached an agreement with Wiley and Elsevier. More about the details of the agreements can be found on the wiki Agreements for publishing Open Access.

Previous news on the negotiations

Press release from Unit regarding Taylor & Francis (04.10.2019)
Press release from Unit regarding Springer Nature (27.06.2019)
Agreements for Publishing Open Access - Elsevier and Wiley (28.05.2019)
Press release from Unit regarding Elsevier (23.04.2019)
NTNU has reached an agreement with Elsevier (23.04.2019)
Press release from Unit regarding Wiley (15.03.2019)
NTNU has reached an agreement with Wiley (15.03.2019)
Press release from UNIT regarding Elsevier (12.03.2019)
NTNU do not renew their agreement with Elsevier (12.03.2019)
Negotiations with scientific publishers will continue in 2019 (21 December 2018)
Agreements with Scientific publishers may come to an end 1 January 2019 (14 December 2018)
Open Access and Negotiations with Journal Publishers (12 September 2018)

Articles must be open access without increased costs

In the current subscription system, scientific articles are behind paywalls and we have to pay for reading them, including those written by scientists in Norwegian institutions. The Norwegian goals and guidelines states that all Norwegian, publicly funded, scientific articles must be open access by 2024, a goal that has to be reached without an increase in cost.


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Contact your local library- if you have other questions

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