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Software information #

Minitab is an interactive statistics program with a user friendly interface. Minitab is widely used at NTNU. For more about Minitab and the latest version, see:   "What's New in Minitab"

With Minitab you can import data from many different sources, edit the data, perform calculations, statistical analysis, and present them graphically. Minitab includes a programming language.

License information #

Site license: Minitab is available for Windows.

Used by Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (Department of Mathematical Sciences).

Note that the program can only be used for academic work and not for commercial work.

Download/Install/Run: #

Minitab Express #

"Introductory statistics in a package designed to let your students focus on the concepts, not the software." For more about this program, see: Minitab Express

Minitab Express is available for Windows and Mac. The download site is found here.

User manuals #

Supplier information #

Manufacturer: See more about Minitab at Minitab Inc.

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