Master Thesis at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - MH

On this page you will find forms and guidelines for the master's thesis for students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH). 

Norsk versjon - Masteroppgave ved MH

Topic page about writing your master's thesis

If you have any questions, please send an email to studier@mh.ntnu.no

Guidelines for the Master's Thesis at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences #

Students who will submit their thesis must follow our guidelines for the master's thesis:

Master's Thesis Agreement #

When you have found a topic and a supervisor for your master's thesis, you must submit a master's thesis agreement (including a short project description). The deadline is 15 March in the second semester. Please use the agreement templates below.

Submitting your Thesis #

The thesis is to be submitted electronically in Inspera Assessment. Before you do this, you should read our information about how to finalize your thesis for submission.

Some master's programmes may also require a printed version of the thesis. Ask your student advisor for more information about your master's programme.

In addition to the thesis, you must fill in, sign and submit the following forms:

Information about grading and submission of the master's thesis

Form for application for extended deadline for master's thesis

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