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Manage your subscriptions

How to manage the message channels in NTNUs intranet, on the What's Happening page. Norsk versjon - legg til og fjern meldingskanaler

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Find intranet message channels  #

Use this list of suggested feeds, or search for feeds yourself.

Search for feeds as follows:

  1. From the What's Happening page in Innsida, click the Change link next to My subscriptions in the right-hand column
  2. Begin typing to narrow the selection of channels, and then click on a channel when you see one you want.
  3. The message channel is imediately added to your subscriptions.  If you regret your choice you can easily remove it by clicking the X-icon next to the channel.
  4. Click I´m done  when you are finished adding subscriptions.

Some channels require approval before you will see any content.

Search tips:

  • There is a channel for every department and faculty, and program and course. If you know the name of the program, then you know the name of the channel.
  • DION has a channel.
  • Use the course code or the study programme code, to quickly find the related channels

External feeds #

Many external websites provide an RSS feed for their content.  Innsida is an RSS-reader and aggregator, so you can read your new updates for these websites using Innsida, alongside internal NTNU-announcements.

If you can't find the external feed you want (using the search method described above) you can add it.

  1. Find the URL to the RSS feed by searching the website in question.
  2. In Innsida, click the Change link to the right of My Subscriptions on the What's Happening page.
  3. Click the "Add it " link below the search field 
  4. Paste the URL from step 1 into the box provided (http:// must be included).
  5. Finish by clicking the Add button.

This news source will immediatly be available in your subscriptions list along with your NTNU subscriptions, and new posts will appear in your news stream. 

Troubleshooting #

  • Getting an error message when you try to add an external feed following the steps above? 
  • Uncertain as to whether you´ve found the right URL for an RSS feed?

Check the RSS or Atom feed using this site:

Remove a channel #

  1. Click the Change-link to the right of My Subscriptions.
  2. Locate the message channel in the listing.
  3. Click the X icon next to the channel you want to remove.
  4. Acknowledge this is what you want when the confirmation message presents.

Required channels #

It is not possible to remove these channels:

  • Til alle ansatte (NTNUs messags to all employees)
  • Til alle studenter (NTNUs messages to all students)
  • Official message channels (departments and faculties and programs) with which you are associated.
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