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You can easily create audio file or podcast yourself!

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You can use audio files to disseminate professional information to your students. These files are smaller and often easier to produce. If you do not need to communicate visually, we recommend that you use an audio format instead of a video (or even add audio to a slide presentation).

Creating a podcast from home (recommended) #

You can easily create an audio file on your computer, smartphone or tablet and distribute it as a podcast.

On a computer:

The operating system you are using probably has a built-in audio recording feature.

On tablets and smartphones:

Your smartphone can easily be used for voice recording. 

If you are using your own computer, consider purchasing a good microphone or consult with colleagues to borrow a microphone to use with your own computer for audio recording. Remember in these times the importance of hygiene and good infection control. 

Video course for those using mobile for video and audio recording (By Alex Strømme, NTNU Drive)

Chat with us about the production of video and podcast #

In the Teams channel "Hjelp til digitale læremidler", you can get help using video and podcast to convey your professional content.

You can join the channel through the link above, or by opening the Microsoft Teams application and selecting "Join a team with a code" and then enter the code "avb1cf3".

Studio & recording #

At NTNU in Trondheim, a dedicated podcast studio has been set up for those who want to use podcasts (audio files) in teaching. This is a low-threshold studio at the Kalvskinnet room G254. Here you will be met by advisors who will support you in creating a podcast. You can also record video of your lecture in this studio if needed. You can book these resources via an email to kontakt@lss.ntnu.no

In the studio, audio recording equipment is set up with a good microphone in a separate soundbox. You save the recording with your own user account and then upload it to Blackboard. In the studio, you can also make video recordings with teleprompters and good sound quality. Please note that thorough infection control measures are being undertaken to ensure the safety of the rooms and equipment. You will be notified of the measures you must take yourself before and after you have used the resources in the room. Contact for studio #

Contact #

For questions, or to book the studio, write to: kontakt@lss.ntnu.no

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