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Log on to Maconomy using a Windows computer #

  1. Type Maconomy in the search field (Magnifying glass icon - Windows 10) you'll find on the taskbar.
  2. Select Maconomyportal A (NTNU Programfarm)
  3. If required: Type username and password

Instruction video

If you're not able to log in using the guidance above, use the same procedure as Mac-users

Download the app Deltek Touch for time sheets in Maconomy #

We recommend the app Deltek Touch for time sheets in Maconomy. Download the app in App Store (Iphone) or Play store (Android). 

See guide for set up, log on and use.

Log on to Maconomy using a Mac #

  1. Log on to the NTNU Software Farm.
  2. Select the Internett Explorer icon with the subtext "Innsida [A]" and open the browser.
  3. Sign in to Innsida, search for Maconomy and select the same page as you're reading this text on.
  4. Select the Maconomy-link below and type in user and password
  5. Maconomy-portal

Problemsolving #

If you experience error messages or other problems, you might have compatibility problems between your browser and Maconomy.


  1. Log on to Maconomy.
  2. In the upper right corner in the Internet Explorer browser click the Tools-icon.
  3. Click "Compatibility View settings".
  4. Add the website: ntnu.no and select Close.
  5. If Maconomy doesn't close, close it.
  6. Logg on to Maconomy.

User account #

Maconomy user guides #

Recording hours

Reports - Norwegian language

Support #


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