Log on information Maconomy (iAccess) for project managers and employees that need to track their time worked on a BOA-project.

Norsk versjon: Pålogging Maconomy (iAccess)

Log on to Maconomy (iAccess) #

iAccess is a web-based solution. Start it in any browser, and it will also be possible to reach on any platform (PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone).

To run iAccess type this URL in your browser: https://pif.ntnu.no/

So far Single Sign On (SSO) has not been implemented, so when you reach the address given above you will see this page, where you need to enter your username and password.

Logon to iAccess

Time sheets by using the app Deltek Touch #

We recommend that project team members use the app Deltek Touch when filling in and submitting their time sheets. The app can also be used by Project leaders if they just want to complete their own time sheets or shall approve time sheets of their project team members. However, in order to access the financial status of their projects or run any financial reports, the Project leaders will have to log on to iAccess.

See guide for set up, log on and using Deltek Touch (in Norwegian).

User account #

If you would like to have a user account in Maconomy:

Problems/errors #

If you, when you try to log on, sees a message telling you that your account is locked or inactive, contact kontakt@okavd.ntnu.no for support.

User guides #

Support #

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