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This page provides information on how to log into the NTNU examination system, Inspera Assessment, as a staff member. This also covers logging in as an external grader. If you have not previously been employed as an external grader at NTNU, you should contact the department you will be acting for and make sure you are registered as an external grader.

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Logging in to Inspera Assessment #

  • Navigate to ntnu.inspera.no/admin. Click ‘Log in with Feide’. If prompted, type in NTNU as your organization. Log in with your Feide user name and password.
  • After logging in, the Inspera main interface will appear. The menu bar at the top provides access to the various tasks available in Inspera. For instance, if you are a grader, select ‘Assessment’. If you are creating an examination paper, select ‘Exam paper’.

Possible error sources if unable to log in #

If the interface with choices between ‘Author’ and ‘Grader’ in the top menu bar does not appear as in the above animation, there may be several simple reasons for this. Below, we have listed several error sources that prevent access to Inspera.

Please note! If you will be grading at NTNU and have not previously entered the system, you will not be able to log in to Inspera until an administrative task linking you to an exam to be graded with Inspera is completed. This is normally not done until the examination is approaching. Assessment will open when the exam is completed. Until such time, you will not have access to Inspera.


External grader? Remember to activate your account by setting a password #

If you are an external grader - remember to activate your account by setting a password. Follow this link to activate your account before proceeding.

Forgotten password or user name #

If you have forgotten your password or your previous user name at NTNU, this link provides the necessary information.

You have logged in as a student #

If you gain access to the system, but only see your own name in a large font at the top, you have logged in as a student. This is possible even if you are not a registered student at NTNU. To ascertain if this is the problem, examine the URL. If it reads ntnu.inspera.no/student, you are logged in as a student.

To log out, click the cogwheel in the top right-hand corner and select ‘log out’. Remember to always log in from the page ntnu.inspera.no/admin

If you have not logged out as a student before following a link to an employee-site, you will be presented with the error message: ‘Access denied! You do not have the required permission to access this tool.’ If this happens, log out by clicking the cogwheel, then log inn as an administrator/employee through ntnu.inspera.no/admin.

Missing or incorrect permissions #

If you gain access to the system, but as exam paper creator cannot see the choice ‘Author’ in the top menu bar, or you as grader cannot see the choice ‘Grader’, you have probably not been given the correct permissions or roles. This may happen if you for instance previously have graded, but not created exam papers in Inspera Assessment.

Contact digitaleksamen@sa.ntnu.no to obtain the necessary permissions/roles to grade or create question sets in Inspera Assessment.

Logged in from the wrong user account? #

  • If you do not find NTNU subjects in Inspera and cannot open links to NTNU’s Inspera, you may have logged in from the wrong user account. These are some of the reasons this may happen:
  • If you have Feide user accounts at several educational insitutions, you may have logged in from the wrong account.
  • If you have previously graded in Inspera at NTNU, but at that time had a different user name, you may have two accounts inn the system with the ‘wrong user’ linked to the subject.
  • Contact digitaleksamen@sa.ntnu.no.

No access #

If you cannot access the system, you may not have an employee user account in Inspera. For more information on this, see Access to Inspera Assessment.

Browsers not supported by Inspera Assessment #

Inspera Assessment only supports ‘modern’ web browsers. If you cannot access Inspera from e.g. Internet Explorer, try Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (for Mac OS X) or Microsoft Edge. Inspira Assessment supports the two latest versions of these browsers. We recommend that you install new versions of web browsers as they become available.nførselstegnene.

User names and passwords at NTNU

Contact #

Use your institute-contact.
For login-issues or questions about username/password: orakel@ntnu.no
For other issues regarding question sets/grading: digitaleksamen@sa.ntnu.no

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